After the Will, Find a Way

One of my dear friends and neighbors recently brought home a truckload of inherited stuff. Her grandmother passed away a couple of months ago and the family had sold her home. They were hoping to either donate or throw away most of her furniture, but my friend couldn’t imagine all of her grandmother’s treasures being tossed away. Instead, she filled a small moving truck and brought it all into her own garage. A few days ago she came over to my house and in so many words asked me, “Now what?” All of this treasured stuff wasn’t filling a dump, but it was cramping her family’s style. Naturally, … [More]

Get Rid, Get Paid, Part One

Is it me, or does it seem that lately there is major excitement and interest over self-storage auctions? It has me thinking about cleaning out my own house (and garage) and freeing up some extra cash. But how? There are so many different ways to sell your stuff. Which makes the most sense and the most money? Sometimes Old School is Better The online world can be fickle. You spend hours taking pictures, uploading, editing, and writing descriptions and then… nothing. Nobody bids, no responses. You still have to pay the listing fees, but you got nothing in return. When trying to make some extra cash, this can … [More]