Harvesting Raindrops for Landscape Use

Photo by flickr user Laffy4k

  At Extra Space Storage, finding out about our environmentally friendly programs is as easy as looking above your head. At several storage facilities, we’ve harnessed solar power to save energy, and brought daylight inside to reduce lighting costs. But now we’re looking up in a whole new way. I’m talking about capturing those raindrops that keep falling on your head!   Focusing on Top Water Users We’re currently evaluating our top ten properties that require the most water to see how rainwater harvesting can help us cut landscaping costs and save water. Taking a closer look at our highest users of water is part of our continuing … [More]

Make Your Sprinkler System Smart. Add a Rain Sensor.


  Have you ever driven by a house or business with sprinklers running during a rain shower? Yeah, I’m guessing you have! When I see that, I want to get out of my car and stop that superfluous flow of water on the landscaping.   You can let your sprinkler system know when Mother Nature has provided enough water without its help. It’s simple: Use a rain sensor.   We hear a lot about smartphones these days, but rain sensors are a way to make your sprinkler system smart too!   In my efforts to conserve water I’m testing a newer device called an RSD rain sensor at   … [More]