How Heat and Humidity Damage Your Favorite Things

Image by flickr Joelk75

  We’re used to thinking of inanimate objects as insensitive to the things that bother humans, like very hot weather and high humidity, but the truth is that some of our belongings are extremely sensitive!   Certain items can be greatly damaged or completely destroyed by the effects of heat and humidity, but climate controlled storage can help prevent these sad stories. Here are some ways that many of your favorite things can become damaged during storage when exposed to heat or humidity.   Art Has a Breakdown High humidity can cause mold to grow on paper or canvas. Plus, high temperatures may cause deterioration of art materials. Even … [More]

How To Store Wine

The traditional solution for wine storage is a wine cellar or cave. If you have that, then you’re happily set to store your beloved wine under the right conditions. (Just go ahead and give your dog an extra walk instead of reading this.) Most of us aren’t so lucky. Some wine lovers opt for a wine refrigerator, but they’re not always the best solution for even amateur collectors. The experts at Wine Spectator warn that once you start storing wine to enjoy later, it’s difficult to stop. You’ll likely need more space than you think. Climate-controlled self storage could be the best option for you. Wine is almost … [More]