Ideas worth stealing: Moving with Green Boxes


Moving as it is usually done is one of the more eco-unfriendly things we do. As I noted in my previous post on the topic, moving house can add as many as 90 cardboard boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap to the landfill, not to mention emissions from driving trucks around the landscape. That’s why the green moving industry is taking off, with one aspect of it in particular growing so fast it’s shooting for the stars. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a good opportunity or a homeowner getting ready for your next move, check out the emerging field of green box rental. A … [More]

3 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

School Supplies

It’s a fact: school supplies costs more and more every year. However, you don’t have to tap in to your 401K just to stock up on all the essentials this year. Just take a few simple steps that will save you some cash. Shop at Home Before you head out to the store, make sure to see what you can find at home. You’d be surprised at what you can find with just a little digging. Chances are you have a few pencils, glue sticks and crayons that have piled up over the years. Check your child’s back to school list and try to find as many items … [More]

How to “Go Green” With Your Move


Moving, the way it’s typically done, is a very wasteful activity. Moving a house can take as many as 90 disposable boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap. That’s not to mention the emissions from the trucks that haul your stuff around the landscape. It doesn’t have to be that way. Green moving is on the way up. Mother Nature Network tells us the story of Mark Ehrhardt, president of Movers Not Shakers, a green moving company with trucks that run on biodiesel. Stuck in traffic behind a delivery truck that was using plastic crates to transport goods, Ehrhardt realized that getting even greener was always … [More]

Sustainability in Action: The Small House Movement

Photo via Tumbleweed Houses

It’s no secret that consuming tons of stuff isn’t a sustainable way for us all to live on this planet. Yet Americans tend to fill up their houses and garages with piles of things they may not need, and then rent storage units for the overflow. All that stuff takes energy to create and transport and has to go somewhere when it’s discarded. And the bigger and bigger houses, garages, and storage facilities we use to keep all of it take their tolls on the environment as well. A new movement is emerging in response to this ever-expanding appetite for stuff and the space to put it. It’s … [More]

5 Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Water footprints on leaf

  If you’re looking for ways to leave a lighter footprint, you’ve probably heard the old refrains about changing out your light bulbs and putting on an extra sweater instead of cranking up the heat. While those are important ideas, there are plenty of other tips on this subject, some of them you might have never heard before. Here are five to take notice of, some old stand-bys and others a little less commonly touted. 1. Equip your home with Energy Star. An average homeowner dedicates 20 percent of his or her utility expenses to cooling, which makes staying comfortable in summer a pricey proposition. Upgrade your AC … [More]

Go Green: Plan an Eco-friendly Picnic


  Picnic weather is finally here! I love picnics because they allow me to get the whole family together to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors. Picnics are beautiful and memorable, but I like to take care of nature too by planning eco-friendly picnics. Yes, picnics have carbon footprints just like everything else, but you can take steps to reduce the impact of your picnic. An earth-friendly picnic can be easy, affordable and fun! When you’re planning your picnic, a big goal to keep in mind is to avoid disposables. That means no packaged food items like pudding cups, bags of chips or bottled water. Instead of including prepackaged … [More]

Sustainable Eating With Meatless Mondays


  Interested in eating more sustainably, but don’t know how? What about going meatless once a week? Of everything we eat, meat is the biggest offender. Raising livestock is a much more intensive endeavor than growing plants. It takes massive amounts of food, water, land, and energy to grow and transport the animals that become your favorite burgers and sausages. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, producing meat contributes more to climate change than the transportation sector. Cows, pigs, and the like produce nearly one-fifth of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. You don’t have to become a vegetarian to reduce your carbon footprint. There’s a movement … [More]

Start A Green Habit to Honor Earth Day 2013


  Celebrated each year on April 22, Earth Day is a good time to make a new commitment to do your part for the earth. I know that some people scoff at the idea that a single day can make any kind of difference, but “Earth Day” is a misleading name. It’s not a single day to think about the earth. Rather, Earth Day is your reminder to make a commitment to help the earth throughout the year. That’s how I think of it! If you observe Earth Day 2013, you certainly won’t be alone. According to, more than one billion people around the world are expected to … [More]

Best of the Web: Sustainability Infographics


  Infographics have the powerful ability to make complex information both compelling and easy to understand.  Although Wikipedia reports they’ve actually been around for centuries, in recent years they’ve been popularized on the internet through the power of social sharing. Infographics are a powerful tool to communicate sustainability messages enabling organizations and non-profits to educate, increase awareness, and ultimately change behavior. Given the power of infographics to share sustainability messages, these have become increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the most famous infographics of the past few years is Tracking Carbon Emissions, a piece that is both visually powerful and data rich.  Created by Stanford … [More]

The Critical Step in Making the Business Case for Commercial Solar

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It can be intimidating to begin the process of convincing the decision-makers at your business that it’s time to add solar power. However, as someone who’s gone through the process, I can tell you that if you’re successful, the end results are well worth it!   So, how do you begin? That’s a good question with a long answer. I’ve noticed that several websites, such as Triple Pundit and Green Impact, have recently published summaries of a new white paper that covers five steps to take in order to make your case for solar. The free white paper, created by Alta Energy, is called “Making the Business Case … [More]