Tips on Bidding at Storage Auctions

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If you watch the television show “Storage Wars,” you may think that it’s not so hard to luck into buying a storage unit containing a small fortune in coins or an ancient samurai sword. While these things may be discovered in abandoned storage units, it’s not the norm. You’re more likely to find baby strollers and bicycles. What makes me the expert? Well, I had an informative talk with Jeff Gregory, owner of Nor Cal Storage Auctions, Inc., located in Stockton, California. He’s been conducting auctions at self-storage facilities for seven years. And, yes, he absolutely has lots of interesting stories to tell! Jeff also has some advice … [More]

How Storage Auctions Work

Storage Auctions

“Oh. You work at a Self Storage company? You must see a lot of crazy auctions, right?”   Over the past few years, there have been some very interesting and entertaining shows on cable centered around self storage auctions. I admit that I have seen them and there are a few characters/buyers that I cheer for more than others. Of course, my work is more aimed at helping people store their extra items, not having other people bid on them.   But sometimes, it happens. Some storage units remain past due or have been abandoned and in accordance with state self-storage lien laws, we need to clear them … [More]

More Weird Storage Findings

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Just when I thought I had heard it all, I found even more weird things to come out of storage units. The stuff people store truly baffles me. Some things are way cool and make me ask “why would anyone ever put that in a storage unit?” Others are downright weird and sometimes even creepy leaving me to ask myself, “These kinds of people really do exist?” SCARY! Check out my latest weird findings:   Human Ashes – If you read my first article about weird storage findings, I talked about family members storing the ashes of deceased loved ones in storage units. Although thinking about that still … [More]