Storing Your Cold-Weather Items


Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to make room for summer and move all that winter gear to storage. Don’t know where to start to kick the winter blues out of your home? Here’s how to best organize your winter items in your self-storage unit so everything stays neat and tidy until next winter:   Organize Your Clothes First, organize your cold-weather clothes. Gather up your entire family’s supply of heavy coats, hats, scarves, mittens, snow pants and boots. Make sure to weed out any unused or worn out items before packing up your boxes. Then, place clothing into plastic totes or vacuum storage bags. You can … [More]

Should you Choose Outdoor or Indoor Storage For Your Vehicle?

Sunburnt Car

Are you looking to store your vehicle, but don’t know what type of unit to rent? Both drive-up indoor and outdoor vehicle storage units have their benefits. Your decision will ultimately depend on the vehicle you plan to store, the level of protection you need, and your budget. Here are some factors to consider:   Protection From the Elements Drive-up interior storage units are enclosed with roll-up doors like a garage. These units offer a high level protection from the elements and some even provide climate control. They are ideal for storing vintage or custom sports cars that need a high level of attention and upkeep. Outdoor storage spaces … [More]

5 Benefits of Choosing Climate Controlled Storage


Are you looking to store your personal items, but don’t know whether to choose regular or climate controlled storage? While regular self-storage works great for plenty of household items, more sensitive items (such as family heirlooms, antiques, artwork or musical instruments) sometimes need a more consistent environment. Here are five benefits of choosing climate controlled storage for your most valuable items:   1. Protection From the Elements In many parts of the country, temps can soar over 100 degrees in the winter and plummet to negative digits in the winter. These extreme temperature changes can cause furniture and antiques to crack, rust, split, or corrode. Exposure to the … [More]

New Spot for your Stuff in Downtown Chicago

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  Self-storage isn’t just for suburbanites with minivans. There are plenty of facilities in urban areas, perfect for city-dwellers to supplement the limited space in their apartments.   Chicago has just gained one more storage option in its urban core. The newest Extra Space facility joins the other three near the central business district in offering secure, quality storage to the city’s residents.   The new building, at 1242 W Washington Blvd, has a lot to recommend it to those tightly packed urbanites. Located in the center of the Near West Side neighborhood, right next door to the Loop, the facility is near major universities, hospitals, and cultural … [More]

Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit for You?


  Are you looking for storage but don’t know which type of unit to rent? Should you book one that opens onto a hallway inside the building, or opt for a drive-up space that opens onto the fresh outside air? Drive-up spaces are ideal for businesses that need extra square footage, whether for seasonal or permanent storage. An accounting firm might find it useful to drive files right up to the door for quick unloading. A retail establishment might like the ease of transferring signage and extra inventory right from the truck through the door. Or a landscape company might find this the only viable option for storing … [More]

Family Feud Meets Self Storage – Infographic


Family Feud has long been one of America’s favorite game shows. But what happens when you use the category of “Self Storage“? The info-graphic below answers this question! Take a few minutes and see how well you do with “The Storage Feud”. Survey says: You’ll love it.

New Storage in Richmond, California

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  Richmond, California, an oasis up the Bay from Berkeley and Oakland, has just gained its most central storage facility, at 1900 Meeker Ave. The 714 units in this 74,007 square-foot facility are secure and easy to access. An on-site resident manager, electronic gate access, and video surveillance provide peace of mind. And individually alarmed units add an extra layer of safety. The facility is also convenient; a free move-in truck will help make your move as smooth as possible, and the seven-day-a-week opening schedule means that you’ll never be left without a friendly staff person to help you or a nearby place to buy some boxes. The … [More]

Where to Stow your Bikes, Skis, and Boots in Colorado Springs

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  You’d think that for a city of more than 400,000—second in size only to Denver among Colorado’s cities—Colorado Springs would be chock-a-block with self-storage space.   “The Springs” is full of outdoor enthusiasts, sitting as it does at the bottom of Pike’s Peak. Indeed, Outside magazine placed it at the top of its 2009 list of America’s Best Cities. The “quick access to nearly four million acres of Rocky Mountain wilderness and a dozen world-class ski resorts” cited by the magazine beg the question: Where do people store all those skis, mountain bikes, and hiking gear?   Self-storage is the perfect place for those kinds of items, … [More]

Westminster, Colorado, Gets the Storage It Deserves


The city of Westminster, Colorado, a northwest suburb of Denver, is an urban zone in its own right. With more than 4,000 people per square mile, it beats out Denver in population density, ranking as the second most densely populated city in Colorado after Dupont. That’s a lot of people without much elbow room, which makes Westminster a perfect place for one of Extra Space’s new Colorado locations. Our new facility, located at 5100 W 81st Place, is centrally located and well appointed with convenient features. Lying just off Sheridan Blvd (Route 95), a thoroughfare running south into Denver, and adjacent to Route 36 (the Denver Boulder Turnpike, … [More]

Fast-Growing Palm Coast, Florida, Gets the Storage it Needs

Photo: Town of Palm Coast

    Palm Coast, Florida, is a city on the move. Its population—currently at more than 75,000—is increasing rapidly. New residents are attracted by the beautiful coastal scenery; jobs in mid-sized businesses in its industrial parks; and proximity to St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville. The town’s population grew 239 percent between 1990 and 2010, blowing away Florida’s overall growth rate for the same period, which was a mere 47 percent. A city showing that kind of promise needs some quality self-storage to serve all those new people. Enter Extra Space’s first facility in the area, located at 4860 Palm Coast Parkway NW. The 454 units in … [More]