Should you Choose Outdoor or Indoor Storage For Your Vehicle?

Sunburnt Car

Are you looking to store your vehicle, but don’t know what type of unit to rent? Both drive-up indoor and outdoor vehicle storage units have their benefits. Your decision will ultimately depend on the vehicle you plan to store, the level of protection you need, and your budget. Here are some factors to consider:   Protection From the Elements Drive-up interior storage units are enclosed with roll-up doors like a garage. These units offer a high level protection from the elements and some even provide climate control. They are ideal for storing vintage or custom sports cars that need a high level of attention and upkeep. Outdoor storage spaces … [More]

5 Benefits of Choosing Climate Controlled Storage


Are you looking to store your personal items, but don’t know whether to choose regular or climate controlled storage? While regular self-storage works great for plenty of household items, more sensitive items (such as family heirlooms, antiques, artwork or musical instruments) sometimes need a more consistent environment. Here are five benefits of choosing climate controlled storage for your most valuable items:   1. Protection From the Elements In many parts of the country, temps can soar over 100 degrees in the winter and plummet to negative digits in the winter. These extreme temperature changes can cause furniture and antiques to crack, rust, split, or corrode. Exposure to the … [More]

Storage and Organizing Product Best Finds

Photo via Ikea

  The universe of storage and organization products is enormous. From sideboards to shower racks, you can easily find solutions to every storage problem. But which boxes, bins, barrels, and baskets are right for you? I’ve searched out a few winning products, one for each room of the house. Entryway: Corral all that footwear with a hide-away shoe rack, like the Organize It Deluxe Single Shoe Cabinet. Living room: IKEA’s Expedit bookshelf is excellently multi-purpose. Stick some of these Knipsa baskets in to hold smaller items. Dining room: The Home Styles Medium Cherry Server has multiple cabinets and drawers as well as space for wine bottles. Also, it … [More]

Family Feud Meets Self Storage – Infographic

Family Feud has long been one of America’s favorite game shows. But what happens when you use the category of “Self Storage“? The info-graphic below answers this question! Take a few minutes and see how well you do with “The Storage Feud”. Survey says: You’ll love it.

Newly Launched Storage Customer App


  Have you ever needed to quickly find the phone number or address of your storage property when you’re out and about? Or have you ever wanted to create a photo inventory of your storage unit? How nice would it be to use your smart phone to find out about recent payments, change your billing information or sign-up for auto-pay?  Extra Space Storage is pleased to announce the launch of a new app that allows our customers to do all these things and more from a mobile device! Today we all need information when we’re the move – that means access to information at any time and from … [More]

Organizing Your Storage Unit


  People use self-storage units for all manner of reasons, these can range from being between houses to not having time to sort through and weed out the stuff they don’t have room for. Are you storing for the right reasons? Is your storage well organized? To take control of your storage life, follow these guidelines. Decide carefully The first way to get organized in your storage life is to decide what you really, honestly need and want to store. Store pieces that you do use periodically (like your Christmas ornaments and your skis) and sensitive things like art and wine (a climate controlled environment helps keep them … [More]

After the Will, Find a Way

One of my dear friends and neighbors recently brought home a truckload of inherited stuff. Her grandmother passed away a couple of months ago and the family had sold her home. They were hoping to either donate or throw away most of her furniture, but my friend couldn’t imagine all of her grandmother’s treasures being tossed away. Instead, she filled a small moving truck and brought it all into her own garage. A few days ago she came over to my house and in so many words asked me, “Now what?” All of this treasured stuff wasn’t filling a dump, but it was cramping her family’s style. Naturally, … [More]

How to Store Your Possessions When You Go Overseas

Like most people, I don’t like moving. When it comes to relocating overseas, things get even more complicated, but with good planning, and a little soul searching, everything will end up in its proper place. You may not intend to stay overseas forever, so obviously there are many belongings that may be left behind. It’s not necessary to sell all those items you’re not taking with you. Self storage is a great solution for cherished family heirlooms and other things you want to keep, but that may not be so useful for your two-year stint in Japan. I can’t imagine getting rid of my old high school yearbooks … [More]

Self Storage: Helping Homeowners Stay Homeowners

It’s nothing new to hear, yet again, how the economy has taken another turn for the worst.  Mortgage rates continue to fluctuate in an unsteady mess, and in an unforeseen twist, two “high-ranking financial whistleblowers” said they warned their respective companies about upcoming money crisis on 60 Minutes.  But, no matter the amount of hindsight warnings that may come to light, millions of Americans are still finding themselves in financial trouble – financial trouble that may involve losing a home or having to downsize into a more affordable space.  To keep a mortgage in check, families have taken to renting out an unused bedroom or space, or tapping … [More]