District Managers Drive Hybrid Cars Where They Count Most

  Rural areas are great for many things, like large backyards graced with hammocks and armadillos crossing the road, but I don’t think they’re the best places for hybrid vehicles to have the most impact. While driving a hybrid in a rural or suburban area helps somewhat with gas savings, the car may still create nearly the same amount of pollution as a completely gas-powered car. That’s because generally when hybrid cars are driven at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour, the internal combustion engine, not the electric motor, typically takes over.   We all know how gasoline-powered engines create carbon emissions, right? Yet, in major metro areas, where … [More]

An Eventful Earth Day 2012

While I love the idea of Earth Day I sometimes forget it in the midst of other cares. This year it was on a Saturday and I somehow felt like I’d missed it… did it really happen and how was it celebrated?   So I looked into it and was impressed! The 42nd annual Earth Day on April 22 wasn’t just celebrated in America. Around the world, earth lovers marked the day with loving-kindness. In all, more than one billion people celebrated Earth Day in 192 countries! It’s very difficult for me to even name 192 countries, much less imagine all the Earth Day events. Here are a few … [More]