Go Green: Plan an Eco-friendly Picnic


  Picnic weather is finally here! I love picnics because they allow me to get the whole family together to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors. Picnics are beautiful and memorable, but I like to take care of nature too by planning eco-friendly picnics. Yes, picnics have carbon footprints just like everything else, but you can take steps to reduce the impact of your picnic. An earth-friendly picnic can be easy, affordable and fun! When you’re planning your picnic, a big goal to keep in mind is to avoid disposables. That means no packaged food items like pudding cups, bags of chips or bottled water. Instead of including prepackaged … [More]

Get Rid, Get Paid, Part Two

Extra Space Storage

Selling your stuff the old-school ways (like I wrote about last week) can usually ensure you get some money in your pocket relatively quickly. Nothing is certain, of course. So why not try to make even more money from your items? Online selling gives you a bigger potential buyer pool, which increases the possible value of your items. At a yard sale, Joe from four streets down only wants to give you $1 for the same item that sold on eBay for $20. Not always the case, but many times this is true. If you want to yield a higher outcome from your online sales, consider taking good … [More]

Get Rid, Get Paid, Part One

Extra Space Storage

Is it me, or does it seem that lately there is major excitement and interest over self-storage auctions? It has me thinking about cleaning out my own house (and garage) and freeing up some extra cash. But how? There are so many different ways to sell your stuff. Which makes the most sense and the most money? Sometimes Old School is Better The online world can be fickle. You spend hours taking pictures, uploading, editing, and writing descriptions and then… nothing. Nobody bids, no responses. You still have to pay the listing fees, but you got nothing in return. When trying to make some extra cash, this can … [More]