Storing Your Cold-Weather Items


Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to make room for summer and move all that winter gear to storage. Don’t know where to start to kick the winter blues out of your home? Here’s how to best organize your winter items in your self-storage unit so everything stays neat and tidy until next winter:   Organize Your Clothes First, organize your cold-weather clothes. Gather up your entire family’s supply of heavy coats, hats, scarves, mittens, snow pants and boots. Make sure to weed out any unused or worn out items before packing up your boxes. Then, place clothing into plastic totes or vacuum storage bags. You can … [More]

Spring-cleaning Your Storage Unit

Spring Cleaning Storage Unit

At long last, spring is here! It couldn’t be more welcome, but it does bring a few things to worry about. One of those is your stuff in storage, especially unheated storage.   If your unit is climate controlled, you can breathe easy: A seamless transition between climatic states is part of what you’re paying for. But if you have your stuff in a standard unit, be aware that the increasing humidity and heat might affect your stuff in various ways.   Get ready to do a little “spring cleaning” in your unit to make sure nothing gets damaged.   Documents: These are sensitive to heat and moisture; … [More]

The Phenomenon Known as Organization Envy!


Kim Rohrer blogs at Kim’s Kitchen Sink about everything interesting including things like knitting, gardening, baking, technology, and friendship. A friend and I were recently discussing the phenomenon known as Organization Envy. It’s what happens to all of us when we ooh and aah over gorgeous spaces that we don’t actually believe we could ever have. And no, I’m not here to tell you that “you too can have it all”. That’s another post for another day. No, I’m here to gush over spaces I can never have. I’ve heard that some folks actually have rooms like these in their homes. People who live out in the suburbs, … [More]

How to Pack it Up: Organizing Your Child’s Lunchbox


Staying organized when your child’s in school is full of challenges, but organizing your child’s lunchbox shouldn’t be one of them. Just follow these easy steps to pack healthy lunches your kids will love. Step One: Set Out Lunchboxes First, set out your kid’s lunchboxes in front of your preparation area. This will give you a visual for how much food you can pack. You don’t want to over stuff the container, but you want to make sure your kids have enough snacks for the day. To make organizing a snap, check out these eco-friendly lunchboxes with built-in compartments. Step Two: Prepare Lunches Next, start preparing the lunches. … [More]

Why Getting Your Deck Ready for Winter isn’t as Bad as You Think


  A deck is a fantastic investment for any home. Not only will a deck provide hours of entertainment for you and your family and friends during the year, it is also a fantastic way to raise the property value of a home. But, a deck needs to be taken care of from time to time in order to ensure it will keep looking good and and will last a long time. Making sure your deck is ready for the winter is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your deck. Take a weekend afternoon to get your deck winterized by following … [More]

Would you Peg Your Storage with SmartJars? New idea on Kickstarter


  If you’re like me, you’ve been searching a long time for the best storage solution for spices, craft supplies and small doodads. I’m talking about storage containers that close securely, are uniform in size and safe for food, plus can be hung on the wall to save space.   It looks like that great storage solution may be here, or almost here! The SmartJars Pegboard Organizer seems very promising, but you can’t actually purchase the product just yet. That’s part of the excitement.   SmartJars on Kickstarter   SmartJars are featured on Kickstarter right now. The creators of SmartJars are The Strollo Design Company of sunny San Diego, California. Their goal is … [More]

Enter the “Show Me the Storage” Contest For a Chance to Win $1,000!

Photo: Rubbermaid Products

  Does your closet look like this? Or more like this? What about your kitchen? It is a dream of organization? Or a total disaster? Either way, we want to see what your storage solutions (or “solutions”) look like. The Extra Space Storage® “Show Me The Storage” photo contest starts today! Show us your organizational chops with a photo of your well-lit, straight-cornered shelves. Display your fabulous creativity with a shot of your most innovative storage solutions. Or admit your storage failures with a snapshot of your most embarrassing mess. The prizes? Grand Prize Winner/Best Overall: $1,000 IKEA gift card Most Likely To Become a Professional Organizer: $200 … [More]

Get Organized for Seasonal Storage


  It’s unbelievable to think about, but with the start of September fast approaching, it means that the summer is quickly coming to an end. It’s time to start preparing for school and getting those fall and winter items ready. Here are a few simple tips that are going to help you get organized and prepared for the fall season while getting rid of the clutter. Take Inventory What this time of year also means is a fresh chance to get organizing. As we start to put away those summer items now is a great time to take a hard look at what you have and figure out … [More]

RV Emergency Kit: What To Pack

Truck and trailer crossing a river

In an ideal world, every vehicle would have an emergency kit stowed in back. In reality, most drivers keep nothing more than a spare, a jack, and maybe some jumper cables. Either that or a AAA card. RV owners can’t get away with that kind of blasé attitude. RVs really cover the miles; something is sure to go wrong eventually when you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time. It’s important to have not only emergency vehicle repair equipment on hand, but also important articles to help you survive in remote areas or in cold temperatures. offers a quality emergency kit checklist that will … [More]

Stylish Storage- 10 Fantastic Ideas!


  Storage doesn’t have to mar the elegance of your abode. There are plenty of stylish ways to stow your stuff. Here are ten ideas.   1. Hide it in a bench. Benches can hide a multitude of things. Try putting drawers inside a bench or window seat or install benches with lidded tops.   2. Get basket storage. Baskets are pretty and useful. Place wicker baskets on below-sink shelves to hold toiletries, on bookshelves in the study to house odds and ends, or on the kitchen counter to keep useful ingredients.   3. Put drawers to use. How to outfit a small kitchen? This Old House suggests installing pull-out pantry units in … [More]