Moving? Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Valuables!


  Cara Giaimo is a blogger for SimpliSafe. She is currently moving and is taking special care of her guitar, her laptop, and her hat collection.  SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security is making its way to the top of its industry. Take a minute to visualize your most treasured possession. Is it your wedding ring, your father’s wrist watch, or another irreplaceable family heirloom? Now consider for a second how you would feel if this item were lost. It’s a horrible thought, isn’t it? Moving can be one of the most stressful periods in anyone’s life, and at a time like this, it can be very easy to focus … [More]

How To Move Your Car Cross-country


There’s no way around the logistical challenges of moving cross-country. Not only do you have to get all your stuff to your new place some 3,000 miles away, but you also need to get your car there. And unless you feel the call of the open road beckoning, you’ll surely want to find a way to ship it across without exhausting yourself behind the wheel. Luckily, there is a whole industry devoted to solving this problem. Businesses called auto transport companies operate all over the country, hard at work loading people’s cars and trucks onto even bigger trucks and sending them hundreds and thousands of miles away. You’re … [More]

Ideas worth stealing: Moving with Green Boxes


Moving as it is usually done is one of the more eco-unfriendly things we do. As I noted in my previous post on the topic, moving house can add as many as 90 cardboard boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap to the landfill, not to mention emissions from driving trucks around the landscape. That’s why the green moving industry is taking off, with one aspect of it in particular growing so fast it’s shooting for the stars. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a good opportunity or a homeowner getting ready for your next move, check out the emerging field of green box rental. A … [More]

Moving: Get the Kids Involved


Moving with kids underfoot can add extra stress and difficulty to an already grueling process. How can you engage the little ones in the work? If you play your cards right, you’ll keep the kids occupied and get some quality help with your packing as well. Here are categories of things you can have kids pack, as well as specific tasks they can help with. Have kids pack . . . Their own things. Set out several boxes and have the youngsters put toys and games in one, clothes in another, and odds and ends in a third. Older kids can learn to wrap anything fragile and pack … [More]

4 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Couple outside new home

During your move, you will undoubtedly be looking for ways to decrease costs. Besides “perks” like the points you earn for gift cards and discounts when you plan your move with Moveboxer, there are other ways to save money on your move. Below are a few tips for doing just that through the various stages of you move. 1. Plan Ahead Shop around well in advance for movers and other services you will need. Decide whether you will be working with full-service or self-service movers, or renting a truck and taking care of it yourself. Call various companies and get quotes as soon as possible. Take note of … [More]

Why It’s Important to Get 3 Moving Estimates


  You’ve heard of the rule of three, right? It holds true in math, writing, photography, and certainly doesn’t exclude the process of moving. To throw in another analogy, when you’re shopping for a dress, or a refrigerator, you do not settle on the first one you see. When interviewing babysitters, people feel more confident in their decision if they interview a few more, even after they’ve found someone that seems great. Similarly, the moving process involves talking with at least three different companies to get an estimate.   Getting three moving estimates will provide you with the necessary room to make the right decision. You will want … [More]

College Dorm Prep Guide: Moving Day!


  Things have changed a lot since I went to college, back in the days of the floppy disk. While I carried a paperback dictionary with me in my backpack, a dictionary app can do the job now. Instead of taking a space-hogging alarm clock, a mobile phone will work just fine for waking you up. And thanks to digital music, there’s no longer a need to pack a stereo and CDs. However, there are still a few things that your mobile phone can’t do, no matter how smart it is!   I’ve made some lists of things you’ll need when moving into a dorm room. Before we … [More]

How To Find Your House-hunting “Sweet Spot”

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I recently went house-hunting and discovered that it is very difficult to resist the pull of appealing elements that ultimately don’t matter to me that much. Ooh, is that a cedar-lined closet? Did you say the coffee shop is only a two-minute walk? Quickly, I realized I needed a little mental discipline in my search. Though we’d all love to be able to afford any house we want, the fact of the matter is most of us are priced out of a good chunk of our local markets. Sadly, we can’t all have the mansion on the hill, or even the three-bedroom in the nice neighborhood. Or maybe … [More]

Top Five Tips for International Moves


  Moves of any type are stressful, but international moves provide some unique challenges. In addition to being uprooted from your home, moving to another country means a separation from your family, friends, culture and, in many cases, even your language. For these reasons, it’s important to carefully prepare for an international move by carefully choosing a good moving company, deciding what is worth taking with you, and learning about things like pet importation laws and possible tax breaks. Here are five tips for making your international move easier: 1. Scrutinize Movers An international move is quite different from moving within your home country, even if the move … [More]

How to Choose a Moving Company

The month of May contains many little celebrations – spring weather, end of the school year, blooming lilies and National Moving Month! Maybe moving isn’t as exciting as lilies opening up for the world or kids throwing down backpacks for the summer, but it’s part of everyone’s life at some point. As I’ve mentioned before when discussing how to pack moving boxes, I think hiring a moving company is worth it. I’m not lazy, just practical! However, hiring a mover does require some thought, even if you’re only moving a mile away. It’s important to protect your wallet and your belongings by hiring a reputable mover. After all, … [More]