Know When to Go with LED in Atlanta

  Something special is happening to traffic lights in Atlanta. They’re being converted to LED! When it comes to sustainability, “LED” isn’t a feel-good buzz word. LED is a strong energy solution with perks.   LED signals not only use a fraction of the energy of incandescent signals, but they’re brighter, which enhances safety at intersections. Plus, LED signals last between seven to 10 years, much longer than incandescent lights! That means that Atlanta is not only saving energy, but saving maintenance costs as well.   Just how much energy is being saved with these new traffic lights in Atlanta? The Atlanta Office of Sustainability says that their LED traffic lights … [More]

Brightening Our Exterior and Saving Energy with LED

    It may be true that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but with lighting, what’s on the outside is important too. I’m very pleased with the lighting improvements we’ve completed at Extra Space Storage. Not only have we made our lighting more energy efficient in hallways, storage units and other interior areas, we’ve also tackled exterior lighting. When you approach our retrofitted Extra Space Storage facilities, you may not notice the energy savings that’s quietly taking place, but our exterior LED lighting is saving us money and reducing our energy consumption, which benefits the environment.   Kicking out the Energy Hogs Our exterior lights are … [More]