RV Emergency Kit: How To Pack It

Plastic Storage Container Bin

Our previous posts on what to pack in an RV emergency kit and what to pack it in provided a whole lot of ideas, but not many specifics about what exactly this kit should look like when you’re through. The best way to keep things organized is to pack a series of boxes, the smaller of which can go inside the big one. What you definitely don’t want is your little tire pressure gage and your extra socks all mixed up in the bottom of a huge box with your bottles of motor oil and your grimy jumper cables. So here’s one way to go about packing this … [More]

Get Organized! Babyproofing on a budget


  As with most things involving children, babyproofing can become an expensive ordeal. Alternately, with a little prioritization and a few basic supplies, the process can be cheap and simple. Some parents opt to install locks on everything and nail anything portable to the table. Others take a more laissez faire attitude, doing just the basics first and then waiting to see what potential hazards the baby discovers and taking action at that point. If you’re on the budget, the latter is the way to go. The first piece of useful advice is: Relax. Considering you shouldn’t be leaving your newly mobile baby alone for even a minute … [More]

Make the most of a small kitchen

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  I recently moved into a new apartment that has a kitchen with about half the storage space—and floor space—as my previous one. For days, I was stuck unable to unpack several boxes because I simply had nowhere to store the gear inside. The kitchen has the distinction of being one of the most heavily used rooms in the house as well as usually one of the smallest. All that kitchen usage requires a lot of equipment. What can you do if your kitchen simply won’t accommodate yours? Here are a few ideas, all of which I am putting to good use in my own tiny galley. These … [More]

Store or Toss: Knowing When to Let Go of Your Belongings


One of the first steps of Spring cleaning is de-cluttering. This is the time to survey your belongings and classifying which items should remain in your household, which should go into storage and which you should sell, donate to charity, recycle, or throw in the trash. While it’s easy enough to make decisions about belongings that you use on a regular basis, making the decision between putting an item into storage or getting rid of it can be a hard one. These items are typically things that you don’t use often, but do have some value. To help you with this conundrum, here are some questions to ask … [More]

How To Do a Closet Makeover

Inside the modern closet 3d rendering

  A closet makeover can be a big project, but it doesn’t have to be as extensive or complicated as you might imagine. And if your closet’s anything like the disaster mine is, any amount of time and money invested will be well worth it. Your first option is to have a professional design a whole new shelving and hanging system for you, such as those created by the Container Store with Elfa systems. This will be like waving a magic wand over your closet, but unfortunately it will have a magic price tag to match. A more economical option is to cobble together your own solutions to … [More]

How To Organize Life With Pets

The Dog's Dinner

Like any member of your family, pets accumulate stuff, and stuff accumulates dust. Follow these steps to get a handle on your pet’s accoutrements and streamline your life with your furry friends.   1. Purge your supplies As pets grow, they leave a wake of old toys, unused carriers, obsolete cages, and uneaten treats. And as time goes by, you might not have all the pets you once did, though their stuff may well still be in a corner of the garage. The first step in organizing your pet gear is purging all this old, unused clutter. Get rid of that chewed-up tennis ball that’s been replaced by … [More]

5 Hidden Storage Ideas


  With extra stuff comes extra clutter. Overstuffed bookshelves. Bureau drawers bursting with clothes. Cupboards chaotic with spice jars. It’s no wonder that some of the best storage is the kind you don’t see. There are all sorts of inventive ways to declutter using hidden compartments and drawers. Here are a few ideas for making storage a little easier on the eyes. Storage under stairs: Use the space under the stairs to store everything from books to bicycles. Under-bed drawers: Under your bed is prime hidden-storage territory, whether for extra sweaters or your collection of old magazines. Concealed changing table: Designing a changing table that folds away can … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Cozy at Home

Decorating Pinterest

  Now that Old Man Winter is knocking at the door, it’s time to plan some cozy days in. Next time the gales howl, check out Pinterest to find some wonderful ideas for puttering in your pajamas. Spend your time decorating, playing games, doing crafts, and enjoying some comforting snacks. Decorate Discover fun decorating ideas, such as tips for rented spaces and cute kitchens. This whimsical collection of projects will inspire you to make button-bedecked cards and knit lampshades. Find charming ideas on this fun page, from twinkling lanterns to Easter flower holders. Play games Playing cards can be just the thing to while away the hours; try … [More]

Five Nursery Organization Tips

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  Nurseries tend to be small, but babies need tons of stuff. Without a little planning, it would be easy to end up with a nursery overflowing with stacks of diapers, piles of stuffed toys, and mountains of onesies. How can you avoid that fate? The goal is to design a well-organized room in which there’s a space for everything. Here are some tips to get you started. Tip 1: Make good use of the closet. If you don’t have a shelf up top, install one with a rod underneath. Line up canvas baskets on the shelf, filled with things like blankets, extra diapers, and baby towels. Hang … [More]

Alternate Uses for Closet Space


  Most people need all the closets they’ve got to store clothes, coats, sheets, and piles of unused Christmas gifts. But if by some chance you happen to have an extra closet on your hands or are so organized you might not need all the storage you’re currently using, there are many other uses for those nooks and crannies. It turns out you can put closets to all sorts of creative uses, from creating a nursery to installing a mini kitchen. Photos from around the Web reveal how much these changes can enhance your living space. Check out these great ideas. Make your closet into an office. Convert … [More]