Making Office Organization Fun

Funny business

Keeping your work space organized can be a thankless task—so many pens to wrangle and papers to keep straight, only to have them become chaotic again. Since it’s a task you have to manage no matter the trouble, why not have a little fun with it? There’s a whole universe of amusing and amazing office organization products just waiting to make your work life a little brighter. For example, why not start off in the morning with a cuppa from the office coffee pot in your wake-up mug, which has eyes that become alert when filled with steaming java? For your desk, try this pink rhinestone desk set … [More]

Finding Harmony with Computer (Dis)Cords

My husband has a prized collection commandeering an entire drawer in the largest drawer of our home office desk. It is filled with every cord, cable, computer plug, microphone, headphones, mouse, and anything else that has been or ever could be attached to a computer. I call it the Pit of Dis-cords. Not my most clever moment, but it stuck somehow. In this Pit of Dis-cords, there are so many wires and cables that it looks more like a mind-puzzler-type of game. Can you find the right cord by untying only five knots? When we eventually need a random USB cable, we end up going to the store … [More]

Unconventional Storage Containers – Part 4

Today we wrap up our series with the most daunting task yet, organizing the home office. Finally, I headed for one of the biggest projects, the home office.  I found this to be the biggest challenge because I use almost everything on a daily basis, which makes items hard to “store,” especially with a small desk.  However, with my will for an organized home outweighing any other obstacle, I found a few simple steps. My first problem was thumb tacks, erasers, and staples  – these little guys were constantly in the way or hiding in the bottom of a drawer.  I fixed this by painting the bottom half … [More]