6 Simple Ways to Stay Organized for the Holidays


Does your holiday season feel more stressful than merry? Between holiday shopping, decorating and celebrating, the holidays can become hectic fast! Here are a few simple tips to help you stay organized – and sane – throughout the holidays: 1. Make a List (And Check It Twice)  Yes, just like Santa, you need to make a list to help you through the holidays. First, write down all of your holiday tasks – including everything from mailing cards to baking a cake for the annual family potluck. Getting everything on paper will help make you feel more in-control instantly.   2. Give Yourself Deadlines   Next, break the list … [More]

Camping Essentials – building your basic gear stash, and then some!

Me at a relatively hidden and totally beautiful river bend near Pothole Dome at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park.

  Kim Rohrer blogs at Kim’s Kitchen Sink about everything interesting including things like knitting, gardening, baking, technology, and friendship.   A few weeks ago, I gave y’all a detailed list (with photos) of the contents of my super awesome camping box. That post will help you maximize your efficiency when it comes to packing for camping trips, and hey, since it’s so easy, maybe you’ll find yourself camping more often! But there are a few areas I didn’t cover with that post…clothing, food, hiking gear, bug spray…oh yeah. Things you need. Or maybe, not always things you need, but things that you might want. Or things that … [More]

Trail Tuesdays


  Last year, my friend Anna wrote an article for organizing summer with kids.  It was so fun, I asked her if she had any new ideas for this summer and she did! Thanks again, Anna.  – Jessica Johnson Did you have a Movie Monday? We decided last Monday to have a Netflix marathon. The weather was so beautiful, though, that I made the kids get outside and play some tetherball. It also made me really excited for Trail Tuesdays. Depending on where you live, you might need to get outside earlier in the day or in the evenings. Last Tuesday, we still had time to do chores … [More]

7 Independence Day Celebrations You Won’t Want to Miss

Photo via nps.gov/inde/index.htm

  Looking for fun Independence Day activities and events for the whole family this year? Chances are, a city or community near you will be celebrating this Fourth of July with not-to-be-missed events, such as parades, good food, music, and a if you’re lucky, an eye-popping display of fireworks. But if staying home feels like a drag, it’s not too late to go some place where they really know how to throw a party. Maybe one of our nation’s best celebrations will be just the one for you! #1. Bristol 4th of July, Bristol, RI Hats off to the amazing folks in Bristol, Rhode Island, and their Annual … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Valentine’s


  Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is one of the year’s more festive and tasty holidays. So many bright, warm colors! So many tasty treats! Pinterest is the perfect place to find heart-studded inspiration, whether you’re looking for crafting ideas or just want to drool over red and pink cupcakes. Check out these fun pages for Valentine’s ideas. Will You Be My Valentine? Cards, cards, cards.  Cut-paper collage is the most charming way to make a Valentine. The wonderful, intricate cards on this page range from Angry Birds-themed to hearts sporting handmade paper roses. A range of materials can be applied to Valentine’s cards, including scrap … [More]

Do New Years in Style: Party Ideas from Around the Web

  Is this finally the year you throw a really great New Year’s party? You’ll need to be organized, but more importantly, you’ll need eye-catching ideas. The Web is swimming with creative inspiration about how to ring in 2013 in style. Here’s a brief tour of some highlights. Brainstorm Start by browsing fun party ideas. There’s no place better for this task than Pinterest. Check out these pages all about planning New Year’s festivities by Lindsay Evans, Courtney Whitmore, and Kathy Sheffer. Invite Get your guest list together and find some neat invitations to send. Here’s a cute one featuring a pyramid of champagne flutes, and here’s one … [More]

Crafting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

  Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you keep them? Come about the third week of January, I start hearing from folks who have already broken their resolutions, and in many cases, these folks actually sound relieved. The relief, I suspect, is the result of no longer having to meet their own unrealistic expectations of themselves. Of course, this also means that they may no longer be motivated to affect significant and necessary changes in their lives. To avoid this foolishness (and making resolutions that you can’t possibly keep is foolish) let me offer a modest proposal: Take a little extra time when crafting resolutions for 2013 … [More]

Gift Wrapping Tips from the Experts

If you’re doing it right, gift wrapping is so much more than slapping some paper and tape on a box and calling it a day. I find there’s nothing so satisfyingly thoughtful as a well-wrapped gift Not sure where to start? I’ve collected some tips from wrapping experts to help you up your game. Supplies Of course the basic things you need are a sharp pair of scissors, a roll of tape, and some wrapping paper. But a few other items can really help you make the job easier and better. Martha Stewart’s gift wrapping supplies  include using a T-square, a rotary cutter with straight and decorative attachments, … [More]

15 Holiday Foods to Make Ahead

  The last mad dash of holiday preparations always has my hair standing on end. There’s so much to do in those last few days before the guests descend and the actual merry-making begins that the lead-up to Christmas can feel somewhat less than merry.   I’ve decided to take control this year by thinking about what recipes I can make ahead of time by a day . . . or three. Plenty of the food I want to serve will keep for a bit, and might even improve with the aging. So this year, my dinner table might well sport some of the following make-ahead options. Side … [More]

DIY Holiday Gift Guide

  The holiday season is my favorite time of year. That cheery spirit’s in the air, and there’s always an excuse to eat cookies. So it’s a shame that the need to spend so much money on gifts can cast a pall over things. To protect my wallet this year, I decided to find fun gift ideas I can make myself. I started out dubious, wondering whether I’d just end up giving everybody lame handmade cards. But I found a treasure trove of possibilities. Here are some of my favorites:   Things to wear These floral shoe clips liven up even the most staid flats. What to make … [More]