Sustainability Roundup: Our Eco-minded Posts for 2012

  I’ve really enjoyed being part of Extra Space Storage’s “Storage Blog” in 2012 and talking about our sustainability efforts at Extra Space Storage.  I’m not the only one at Extra Space Storage who’s been busy writing this year. Our resourceful blogging team was very prolific. Together, we wrote hundreds of blog posts on organization, DIY, sustainability, moving, holidays and storage. Since my writing has focused on sustainability, I’ve decided to gather everything we’ve written related to this sustainability this year.  Below is a roundup of all our collective writing on sustainability in case you missed something this year. Enjoy! Corporate Responsibility Initiatives Energy Efficiency Initiatives at Extra … [More]

Know When to Go with LED in Atlanta

  Something special is happening to traffic lights in Atlanta. They’re being converted to LED! When it comes to sustainability, “LED” isn’t a feel-good buzz word. LED is a strong energy solution with perks.   LED signals not only use a fraction of the energy of incandescent signals, but they’re brighter, which enhances safety at intersections. Plus, LED signals last between seven to 10 years, much longer than incandescent lights! That means that Atlanta is not only saving energy, but saving maintenance costs as well.   Just how much energy is being saved with these new traffic lights in Atlanta? The Atlanta Office of Sustainability says that their LED traffic lights … [More]

Historic West Chester Helped Launch Lincoln

Okay Abraham Lincoln buffs, are you aware of the role that West Chester, Pennsylvania played in launching Lincoln’s run for president? While Spielberg’s “Lincoln” movie releasing this week deals with Lincoln’s final months in office, a newspaper that was once located in West Chester helped get Lincoln elected.   First Lincoln Biography The Chester County Times, a weekly Republican newspaper, published the first Lincoln biography on February 11, 1860. The biography was composed with the help of handwritten notes from Lincoln himself! This first biography of Lincoln was republished in newspapers throughout the country, and served to introduce Lincoln as a presidential candidate. Thanks to careful preservation, the Federal-style building … [More]