Crafting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

  Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you keep them? Come about the third week of January, I start hearing from folks who have already broken their resolutions, and in many cases, these folks actually sound relieved. The relief, I suspect, is the result of no longer having to meet their own unrealistic expectations of themselves. Of course, this also means that they may no longer be motivated to affect significant and necessary changes in their lives. To avoid this foolishness (and making resolutions that you can’t possibly keep is foolish) let me offer a modest proposal: Take a little extra time when crafting resolutions for 2013 … [More]

Why I Run with a Dog Named Sprinkles: Update on my New Year’s Resolutions

  Most people have good intentions when making New Year’s resolutions, but fall short of actual accomplishment. If you’ve ever been to a gym during the month of January and February, you’ll realize there are WAY more people there than usual. Come March however, things are back to normal and the attendees are back down to the levels you know.   I believe there is a key element missing in our New Year’s resolutions – accountability! If everyone was held accountable for the resolutions they make, there wouldn’t be so many who fall short of the mark. For this reason I come to you today, to report on … [More]

New Year’s Resolutions!

This year I really didn’t get into the New Year’s celebration scene. My wife and I finally admitted to each other that we were old and therefore don’t have a life. Kidding. We decided to have a night in together. Two movies and a homemade King Crab leg dinner is what our night consisted of. It was awesome! Even though I slacked on my New Year’s celebration, I didn’t slack on determining what my New Year’s resolutions would be. Resolution #1: Exercise Exercise can be SO boring, especially when done in a gym. To stay motivated throughout the year, I am trying new and exhilarating ways to exercise: … [More]