Tackling the Garage

  Last week I went window shopping online for ideas to organize my garage. I decided that even though a soft white couch to read on with a chandelier and open windows sounded lovely for my garage, what I really need is a good old-fashioned place to park my car and hold all of my stuff.   Maybe someday I will build a guesthouse in the backyard and put in that chandelier. For now, my focus is on organizing my garage.   GARAGE STORAGE CABINETS I need a few storage cabinets for storing paint cans, sports equipment, and other odds and ends. What I will look for: Storage … [More]

Garage Window Shopping

My garage is currently much like the pit of despair. Boxes go in, none ever come out, and people have been lost wandering the disorganized maze found within for days. I have tried to tackle it, but frankly, I need a game plan.   I need garage motivation.   Just like window shopping, searching online gives me a lot of ideas without the need to commit. I will commit, eventually, to the garage concept I need, but looking at what others have done to their garages is so inspirational.   CREATING FUNCTION Slatwall or TekPanel are useful and easy ways to create wall-mounted storage for your garage. They … [More]

Organizing Your Garage

There’s a clichéd opening to more movies than I can count, where a wife is reminding her husband to clean out the garage (I chose the word “reminding” after my own wife disapproved of the word “nagging”).  These men, who are often big name comedians, are usually comfy in their large leather chair.  Or perhaps ready to watch a big sports event – maybe even headed out for a round of golf.  It’s as though the director went out of his way to ensure these women were picking the worst time that could ever exist.  Who wants to get up off a comfy couch and set down their … [More]