Families Surviving by Living Together

If you’ve ever seen a movie that’s set back in the 1800s, chances are you’ve noticed a few differences compared to how we live today. Yes, they travel by horse-drawn carriage, and the clothes are more labor intensive, but there’s also one that I find the most interesting of all: the living arrangements. In those giant Victorian homes, it’s as though there is no end to the amount of people living in a single house. Extended family members, friends, a traveling guest who just never left. They all seemed to find the richest relative and stay put. In recent times though, it seems many have taken this practice … [More]

Self Storage: Helping Homeowners Stay Homeowners

It’s nothing new to hear, yet again, how the economy has taken another turn for the worst.  Mortgage rates continue to fluctuate in an unsteady mess, and in an unforeseen twist, two “high-ranking financial whistleblowers” said they warned their respective companies about upcoming money crisis on 60 Minutes.  But, no matter the amount of hindsight warnings that may come to light, millions of Americans are still finding themselves in financial trouble – financial trouble that may involve losing a home or having to downsize into a more affordable space.  To keep a mortgage in check, families have taken to renting out an unused bedroom or space, or tapping … [More]