What To Buy (and Not Buy) at Thrift Stores

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  We all love to save a buck, and thrift stores can be real treasure troves if you know what to look for. But they are also full of used items you shouldn’t bother spending even two cents on. Here are some ideas regarding what to buy—and not buy—at your favorite local Goodwill. Buy Wool sweaters. Unless they’re pilly or worn thin, sweaters usually have a lot of life left in them. Buying them used can save you a bundle. Wash them in Woolite and dry them with Dryel before you wear them. Coffee mugs. Mugs are a dime a dozen, almost literally, so don’t bother paying top … [More]

Thrift: Creative Uses for Tupperware

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  Tupperware and plastic storage containers of other brands are ubiquitous in today’s American kitchen. Of course they’re designed to hold things, and this can extend well beyond food to hair accessories, jewelry, cufflinks, safety pins, matches, you name it. But what about other creative uses for Tupperware containers of all sizes? Here are a few that will help you repurpose those old plastic containers that have fallen out of use. Make a surprisingly attractive iPod boombox out of a large disposable container by cutting holes in the lid and wedging in Styrofoam to keep the player and speakers in place. Use a medium sized container to make … [More]

Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


One of the enduring symbols of fall has to be the pumpkin. More than just a fun activity for kids to join in and decorate for Halloween, pumpkins can be used all throughout the Fall as a perfect decorating tool for both in the yard and around the house. Pumpkins and gourds, both large and small make great bases to start decorating, and they can be bought relatively inexpensively. Meaning you can use an abundance of them all over your home to make a perfect fall impression. Let’s take a look at a couple quick and easy ideas you can use to get your Fall pumpkin decorations going. … [More]

Bring Fall to you With a DIY Fall Festival

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  It’s fall, my favorite season! Nothing puts me in a good mood like the first snap of cool air or the sight of orange edging the leaves on the trees. The advent of fall seems like a reason to celebrate, and of course it has traditionally been a great time for many harvest festivals. Why not make up your own rite of autumn this year by putting together a festival of your own making? Here are some creative ideas for making the most of the lovely weather, including ways to savor the tastes of fall and ideas for decorating to highlight the colors and textures of the … [More]

DIY: No-sew Curtains and Shades


I don’t know about you, but the words “window treatment” strike fear into my non-crafty heart. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been left pulling my hair out as I try to properly measure, purchase, and install curtains, shades, and their infuriating hardware. Unfortunately, short of nailing a random square of fabric over your window, there’s no way around measuring and putting up a rod if you want to hang curtains. But you can make the process of procuring window treatments much more enjoyable by doing some of the creative work yourself. Thankfully, you don’t need to know how to sew to make some pretty cute … [More]

Three Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall


Autumn is here, which means fallen leaves, pumpkins, spiced cider and beautiful rich fall colors. All of these are perfect for decorating your home for the next few months. Many people love to switch up the look of their home every couple of months as the seasons change. It makes for a welcoming looking and not to mention it’s fun to have a few craft projects going to celebrate a new season. Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons to decorate for. I love the colors, the rich oranges and deep reds, which can make the perfect base for a number of different projects. Fall Terrarium Terrariums … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Halloween Tricks and Treats

Photo: This Old House

  The best day of the year is here again: Halloween! What’s better than dressing up in as creative a costume as you can muster and having people give you as much candy as you can carry? Too bad I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, but I can still enjoy the holiday’s festivities. Pumpkin carving, ghoulish baked goods, and general silliness? I’m in! Where to look for ideas? Pinterest, of course! Check out these fun and fiendish boards. On the hunt for inspired kids’ costume ideas? Check out Blabla Kids’ page to see the White Rabbit, a ringmaster, a cloud Mr. Rogers, and more. Seventeen Magazine’s page also … [More]

Survive Fall Sports Season With These Storage Tips


Fall sports are great, but they also come with quite a bit of equipment, especially if you have kids who love hockey and football. As the summer comes to an end, it won’t be long before your front entrance is suddenly filled with bags of hockey gear, football pads, and soccer cleats. Most moms know this is a fact of life in many homes, but there are a few easy ways that any mom can take their house back from the piles of sports gear that might soon be taking over the common areas. Use a Designated Area When kids come home, a lot of them drop their … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Decorating with Fall Colors


  Fall is coming, along with its stunning colors. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for home decoration, take a cue from Mother Nature and incorporate the season’s palette into your design choices and decorating projects. What better place to look for ideas than Pinterest? As you can imagine, pumpkins play a starring roll in the fall-colors Pinterest universe. Orange and yellow glow from every page, mixed here and there with a little brown and red. The Cushion Source devotes itself entirely to pumpkin-based decor on its page titled ‘Decorating with Pumpkins: The Colors of Fall!’ Kelly Porter’s ‘The Colors of Fall’ board pins pumpkin-themed table settings … [More]

Ideas worth stealing: Moving with Green Boxes


Moving as it is usually done is one of the more eco-unfriendly things we do. As I noted in my previous post on the topic, moving house can add as many as 90 cardboard boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap to the landfill, not to mention emissions from driving trucks around the landscape. That’s why the green moving industry is taking off, with one aspect of it in particular growing so fast it’s shooting for the stars. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a good opportunity or a homeowner getting ready for your next move, check out the emerging field of green box rental. A … [More]