Make the most of a small kitchen

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  I recently moved into a new apartment that has a kitchen with about half the storage space—and floor space—as my previous one. For days, I was stuck unable to unpack several boxes because I simply had nowhere to store the gear inside. The kitchen has the distinction of being one of the most heavily used rooms in the house as well as usually one of the smallest. All that kitchen usage requires a lot of equipment. What can you do if your kitchen simply won’t accommodate yours? Here are a few ideas, all of which I am putting to good use in my own tiny galley. These … [More]

Top Seven Spring Cleaning Videos on YouTube


YouTube is full of long, rambling monologs by would-be how-to experts; it can be tricky to find real advice devoid of self-absorbed chatter. I went looking for some tips on spring cleaning and was immediately barraged by random musings about people’s late-winter colds, messy kids, and clothes shopping habits. I decided to spare the rest of you my fate, so I put together a list of some of the better videos I came across. Here are some spring cleaning tips worth watching. “How To Prepare For Spring Cleaning” from AtHomeWithNikki is a fairly long and chatty but thorough advice session about how to organize yourself for a spring … [More]

Making Office Organization Fun

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Keeping your work space organized can be a thankless task—so many pens to wrangle and papers to keep straight, only to have them become chaotic again. Since it’s a task you have to manage no matter the trouble, why not have a little fun with it? There’s a whole universe of amusing and amazing office organization products just waiting to make your work life a little brighter. For example, why not start off in the morning with a cuppa from the office coffee pot in your wake-up mug, which has eyes that become alert when filled with steaming java? For your desk, try this pink rhinestone desk set … [More]

10 DIY Organization Ideas for Personal Items


  Personal items are some of the more troublesome things to keep organized. They’re often small—cuff links and little tubs of make-up—and frequently used, so they have a tendency to get lost and jumbled in the bottom of your purse or bag. What can you do to make organizing these things more functional and stylish? The more user-friendly and appealing your storage regime is, the more likely you are to actually keep these important little pieces of your life in order. Try these ten DIY solutions for keeping your jewelry, make-up, ties, toothbrushes, and other personal stuff straight. 1. Keep all your lipstick and blush where you can … [More]

Getting Organized for Baby!

  After four and a half years of marriage, my wife and I are about to bring a little someone into our lives. We’ve become pretty comfortable living with just the two of us. The end of September is bound to turn our lives upside down, which is why getting organized before baby comes is crucial in helping with the adjustment!   Making Room for My Baby     Colors and decorations aren’t the only things to consider when planning the baby’s room. Location of the room is also very important. Saving yourself a couple of steps by choosing a room closer to your bedroom may sound somewhat … [More]

Do It Yourself – Mudroom Organization

After reading all of the recent Extra Space Storage blog posts about organization, I have come down with a case of organization FEVER! Having bought our first home last year, my wife and I are slowly but surely going room to room organizing and decorating to our tastes and desires. One of the first areas we decided to tackle was our pantry. When walking in from the garage, you enter the pantry. On one side of the room there are shelves for food while on the other side there is a small, open space where we’ve set up our dog’s pen for when we are out of the … [More]

Unconventional Storage Containers – Part 2

Welcome readers, to another Monday with Mike wherein we get our house organized. We took care of the kitchen last week and discovered we could do a lot with food jars, even getting replacement lids when we needed. On to the living room! Living Room When I tackled my living room, it was full of trinkets and books.  Most of the cluttered items I still wanted to keep, but didn’t have the storage space for either.  But thanks to my habit of saving every shoe box I’d ever purchased, I found a simple fix.  I went to the local craft store and picked up a few yards of … [More]