Storage and Organizing Product Best Finds

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  The universe of storage and organization products is enormous. From sideboards to shower racks, you can easily find solutions to every storage problem. But which boxes, bins, barrels, and baskets are right for you? I’ve searched out a few winning products, one for each room of the house. Entryway: Corral all that footwear with a hide-away shoe rack, like the Organize It Deluxe Single Shoe Cabinet. Living room: IKEA’s Expedit bookshelf is excellently multi-purpose. Stick some of these Knipsa baskets in to hold smaller items. Dining room: The Home Styles Medium Cherry Server has multiple cabinets and drawers as well as space for wine bottles. Also, it … [More]

Stylish Storage- 10 Fantastic Ideas!


  Storage doesn’t have to mar the elegance of your abode. There are plenty of stylish ways to stow your stuff. Here are ten ideas.   1. Hide it in a bench. Benches can hide a multitude of things. Try putting drawers inside a bench or window seat or install benches with lidded tops.   2. Get basket storage. Baskets are pretty and useful. Place wicker baskets on below-sink shelves to hold toiletries, on bookshelves in the study to house odds and ends, or on the kitchen counter to keep useful ingredients.   3. Put drawers to use. How to outfit a small kitchen? This Old House suggests installing pull-out pantry units in … [More]

Get Organized! Babyproofing on a budget


  As with most things involving children, babyproofing can become an expensive ordeal. Alternately, with a little prioritization and a few basic supplies, the process can be cheap and simple. Some parents opt to install locks on everything and nail anything portable to the table. Others take a more laissez faire attitude, doing just the basics first and then waiting to see what potential hazards the baby discovers and taking action at that point. If you’re on the budget, the latter is the way to go. The first piece of useful advice is: Relax. Considering you shouldn’t be leaving your newly mobile baby alone for even a minute … [More]

Make the most of a small kitchen

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  I recently moved into a new apartment that has a kitchen with about half the storage space—and floor space—as my previous one. For days, I was stuck unable to unpack several boxes because I simply had nowhere to store the gear inside. The kitchen has the distinction of being one of the most heavily used rooms in the house as well as usually one of the smallest. All that kitchen usage requires a lot of equipment. What can you do if your kitchen simply won’t accommodate yours? Here are a few ideas, all of which I am putting to good use in my own tiny galley. These … [More]

How To Organize Your Spices

Row of jars with spices

  We’re moving, and the new place has a smaller kitchen than I’m used to. We currently store our voluminous spice collection on a little set of bleachers on the counter, but there won’t be room for such indulgences in our new apartment. What to do with all those jars?   A little poking around online told me there are many spice-storage options. The only question is which to choose? For a small place, a wall-mounted model is probably best. These come in a large variety to match your unique style flavor. Another option for those who lack counter space is the in-drawer rack. Some of them even expand to … [More]

Store or Toss: Knowing When to Let Go of Your Belongings


One of the first steps of Spring cleaning is de-cluttering. This is the time to survey your belongings and classifying which items should remain in your household, which should go into storage and which you should sell, donate to charity, recycle, or throw in the trash. While it’s easy enough to make decisions about belongings that you use on a regular basis, making the decision between putting an item into storage or getting rid of it can be a hard one. These items are typically things that you don’t use often, but do have some value. To help you with this conundrum, here are some questions to ask … [More]

5 Storage Containers You Can Make Yourself


  Storage can be a dreary business, centered on boring cardboard boxes and garish plastic tubs. Of course you can find more stylish bins and boxes but the prettier they are, they more expensive they get. Luckily, with only a little effort and hardly any cost, you can make your own storage items in exactly the color, pattern, and style that suits your needs best. Here are five projects to brighten up your shelves. Fabric storage bin: Use your sewing skills to put together this cardboard-and-fabric container for all your odds and ends. Cereal box storage bins: Repurpose your old breakfast cereal boxes and add some colorful fabric … [More]

5 Great Decluttering Tips

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Clutter is the bane of an organized existence—it’s a constant battle to keep the mess of possessions in our lives from bursting into chaos. Here are a few good tips for keeping things straight in various rooms of the house. Store linens in drawers. Linen closets are notoriously hard to keep straight, since pulling a sheet out of the middle of a stack all but guarantees an avalanche of fabric. A better way to keep your linens from getting that cluttered, crumpled look is to store them in drawers. Subdivide your drawers. Almost all drawers could benefit from being divided up into sections to keep the contents from … [More]

Kitchen Organization Tricks

Modern kitchen

  Having trouble keeping your cooking space in line? Kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep straight. Tips and tricks for organizing this heavily used space are a dime a dozen, but some of the most sensible are worth sharing. Check out these useful ideas. Store your cookbooks well, whether in a shelf built into the wall, in baskets in a cupboard, or on the bottom shelf of a side table. Then put all those stray recipes you’ve printed off the Internet in a binder, categorized by type. Detangle your pots and lids. Consider hanging your pots on an overhead rack and using an in-cupboard rack to keep the … [More]

Five Nursery Organization Tips

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  Nurseries tend to be small, but babies need tons of stuff. Without a little planning, it would be easy to end up with a nursery overflowing with stacks of diapers, piles of stuffed toys, and mountains of onesies. How can you avoid that fate? The goal is to design a well-organized room in which there’s a space for everything. Here are some tips to get you started. Tip 1: Make good use of the closet. If you don’t have a shelf up top, install one with a rod underneath. Line up canvas baskets on the shelf, filled with things like blankets, extra diapers, and baby towels. Hang … [More]