Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage Expands Again

Posted on Nov 27 2012 - 6:00pm by Kim Kilpatrick

The saying ‘steady as she goes’ is a nautical phrase that refers to the helmsman keeping a ship firmly pointed in the intended course or direction. Steady as she goes could also refer to the progress that Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage and Moving is making as a relatively new franchise in the United States.

 Zippy Shell is pleased to announce the opening of another new franchise: Zippy Shell South Bay in California. They recently opened a franchise in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in October.

“The South Bay of California is a tremendous area and hosts many of the startup companies that have transformed technology and how people use new products and services. Zippy Shell is an innovative new company that the will quickly be recognized as a transformative way to provide mobile pickup and storage for any and all items. We offer short and long term storage services and can help with packing materials, boxes and anything you need to place items in storage,” says Rick Del Sontro, President Zippy Shell, USA.

Zippy Shell is a door-to-door storage and moving services.  They provide customers with a “shell” which is a custom mobile storage container. The customer packs the shell with items to be stored. Then, Zippy Shell puts the shell in a secure, climate controlled facility. When customers want their items returned, they simply call the facility and the shell is delivered back to the customer.

Gareth Taylor, EVP of Zippy Shell USA is enthusiastic about the continued growth signals in the mobile self-storage industry segment, “We continue to see that many residents and businesses really enjoy the flexibility and convenience of mobile storage. The service model and the superior customer satisfaction really meet the needs of today’s busy families and business operators. This is why we are investing in corporate owned storage locations and moving services.”

The company plans to expand its current franchise network over the next 24 months through a combination of franchise affiliate and company franchise locations.

Zippy Shell USA, LLC was created in 2009 with the specific purpose of getting the master franchise rights for Zippy Shell in the United States. Currently, their leadership team has 8 members: C. Javier Parraga, Rick Del Sontro, Vincent Ventura, C. Patterson Cardwell IV, Lance Avery, Gareth Taylor, and Robin Ashwood.

The company is headquartered in Washington DC. They have franchise operations in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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