You Have to Know Who You Are Talking to in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 5:41pm by John Stevens

Opening a business—self storage or otherwise– is not the hard part. The hard part is getting your facility occupied. That’s what advertising and marketing is for, right? Yes, but if it is not done in the right fashion then it is essentially worthless. You have to target the right audience(s). 

So what is the right audience for the self storage industry?

It is hard to say that the self storage industry is particular to any particular group of people. Everyone could use a little extra space at one time or another. Does that mean you just throw out a blanket, generic type of marketing campaign in order to appeal to everyone and exclude no one?

Absolutely not. More than likely people will overlook the campaign since there is nothing unique about it to them. What it means is that to be truly successful you need to have marketing endeavors that target specific audiences.

For example, Gotham Mini Storage in New York City recently began a promotional campaign geared towards college students. With spring semesters winding down it will be time to move everything out of the dorm and back home. In any city that is a tough task, but a bustling metropolis like New York it can be nerve racking to say the least.

So why not spend a few bucks and just leave your stuff in storage for the summer?

To entice students Gotham Mini Storage has a number of promotions they are running; $150 for the summer with boxes and pick up included; refer three other students and get half off; refer five and get it for free.

“It is not easy to find safe, secure, and clean storage, especially in the busy month before students go off for their summer internships around the world. Gotham’s mini storage in Manhattan is the absolute best facility and with a comprehensive moving package and transportation assistance, it would alleviate some of the stress that students encounter with self storage,” said Gotham Mini Storage project manager Alex Holiday.

Run a promotion like that for the general public and they would be likely to get some bites, but when it comes to the college crowd it is perfect. Moving at the end of the semester is a huge hassle. Students now plenty of other people that hate moving as well. What college student doesn’t want the opportunity to save a little money?

 “Providing self storage for college students is just one of Gotham Mini Storage’s specialty areas… We like working with our local area colleges and felt this contest was a great way to help college kids work within a budget. Not only is our student special affordable, but it can be absolutely free if you refer five students, and half price if you refer three students.”

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