You Can Always Do Better in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Nov 27 2013 - 11:50pm by Holly Robinson

Growing up did you know a kid that got upset if he got a ‘B’ on his/her report card? Did you try to comfort that person by telling them that a ‘B’ is good; heck, that it’s a lot better than a ‘C.’ Did they respond by saying that an ‘A’ would be better?

At that point you may have started to edge away from that kid and gone off to play somewhere else, but while a little high strung your friend is on to a concept that is pretty common in the business world—self storage and otherwise. 

Experiencing success and being considered good at what you do is nice, but in business you can’t be satisfied with that. If you do, the people/businesses below you will overtake you. Why?  While you sit content with your current level of success they are figuring out how to surpass it.

In the self storage industry next to facility upgrades the easiest and most common ways to do so is customer service.  That could mean any number of things as long as it means a better experience for customers.

Nowadays one of the most common ways is by upgrading one’s website. Recently the ezStorage Corporation launched its new website with the aim to make it much easier for people to find a self storage facility and reserve a unit.

“Our brand and our facilities are well established as the best in the industry.  And with self-storage professionals who are the most knowledgeable in the industry, ezStorage offers an unbeatable customer experience.  We wanted to make sure our website continues to reflect that,” stated ezStorage CEO, Todd Manganaro. 

Mangaro went on to add that the company had no intention of being satisfied with this as their website, but that they would be looking to make additional improvements in the coming months.

“And, in the next several months, we’ll have more to come including informative useful video content and other unique features.”

Sometimes to do better a business needs more than a technological upgrade. Sometimes the business model itself needs a change. LoveSpace, a self storage company in the UK, is a perfect example. Rather than just provide people with units they can rent they allow people the opportunity to store something as small as a few boxes.

“Cities are becoming more dense while properties are becoming smaller. There are storage companies such as Big Yellow and Safestore, but customers have to take a big unit that they might have only half full. “

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