Worldwide ERC Plans 2010 National and Global Relocation Conferences

Posted on Dec 31 2009 - 5:52am by Tony Gonzalez

Worldwide ERC, the Workforce Mobility Association, is planning its annual national conference, to take place May 19 – 21 at Walt Disney World Dolphin in Orlando, Florida. The meeting is an opportunity for business leaders who work in fields related to relocation to network with each other, and share ideas and solutions. It is also an opportunity for suppliers, such as self-storage facilities, to provide exhibits that can introduce business leaders to the self-storage resources that are available to relocating employees, and to present the idea that self-storage can be a viable solution for employees who are relocating to cities with a higher cost of living.

The National Relocation Conference will include several optional programs, including one on the fundamentals of U.S. domestic relocation, for newcomers to the relocation profession and for other professionals who would like to have a more comprehensive understanding of the relocation process. 

ERC will also hold a Global Workplace Summit, focusing on Asia and the Pacific, in Hong Kong March 10-11, and another Global Workplace Summit, focusing on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, June 10-11 in Paris. ERC’s Global Workplace Symposium will take place October 27-29 in Seattle. 

Speakers at ERC’s conferences are often very innovative, forecasting trends and future uses of technology. At one recent conference, Ed Krafchow, the president and CEO of Prudential California/Nevada Realty, spoke about how real estate listings may change in the future. Krafchow predicted that property coordinates will become as important as street addresses, and that interested buyers will use coordinates to have a virtual, Wii-like viewing experience of properties that may be geographically distant from them. Several technology companies are developing tools that make virtual tours possible. Cybercity3D, for example, enables tours of properties through Google Earth. If technology such as this becomes a standard in the real estate industry, it may soon branch out and become something people can use when they are doing online searches, through Google, for businesses that are in the area to which they are relocating. Relocating employees could use Google’s map functions, then, not only to find, for example, moving companies and self-storage facilities, but also to tour them.

ERC’s Global Workplace Summit in Hong Kong may also be of particular interest to self-storage developers, because the self-storage industry is growing rapidly in Asian countries, and Americans who relocate to Asia may find that they have less living space than they are accustomed to. The Hong Kong conference will include speakers from BP, Juniper Networks Asia Pacific, Global Mobility Services, Chin Teik Consulting, Asia Pacific Regional Human Services, InterContinental Hotels Groups Asia Pacific, Avon Products, Deloitte Touche, Boeing, Johnson Controls Automotive, Citigroup, Lexmark International, Sampoerna Strategic, Walt Disney, the Tata Power Company, AIRINC, ORC Worldwide, Baker & Mackenzie, and Ray Yin & Associates.