WI-Based BPO Company Continues Its Growth with Storage Acquisition

Posted on Oct 22 2009 - 2:07pm by Holly Robinson

Data Dimensions Corporation, based in Janesville, (WI) is expanding – again.

Data Dimensions Corporation specializes in document conversion and management (also known as business process outsourcing, or BPO) by “empowering organizations to effectively manage their documents and competitive intelligence,” according to their website.

As reported on tradingmarkets.com, Data Dimensions announced Monday (October 19) that it is in the process of acquiring Ogilby Transfer & Storage, a Rockford, Illinois storage facility, which will include the transfer of nearly 25,0000 boxes of information and roughly 50 clients (most of whom are in the healthcare industry) to Data Dimensions’ records management center in Janesville.

A company spokesperson stated that this acquisition would not significantly impact the employment numbers in Janesville (which now has 75 employees between its Midland Court headquarters and its records management center on South Jackson Street.)  In addition to the 2 Janesville locations, Data Dimensions also has 2 facilities in Iowa, thus raising its total employment to 250.

In addition to the Ogilby Transfer & Storage acquisition, Data Dimensions announced in September that is currently building a 20,000-square-foot addition to its Midland Court facility, which will result in 50 new jobs; furthermore, at “peak capacity” (in 2-5 years), there could be an additional 200 workers. The new $3 million building will be home to a state-of-the-art data center, capable of withstanding an F5 tornado (Fujita scale, or F-Scale, measures a tornadoes intensity based on the damage inflicted upon human-built structures and vegetation; F5 being the most intense.)

“We are delighted to add Ogilby to Data Dimensions,” said Jon Boumstein, CEO and President of the company. “We will continue to execute our growth strategy toward becoming the largest, privately held business process optimization organization in the United States.”

Data Dimensions is a second-generation, privately held company serving various industries with digital conversion; data capture, imaging and indexing; electronic and physical storage and retrieval; medical records retrieval; transcription, and digital voice recording and retrieval.