When Life Gives You Lemons—Build a Self Storage Facility

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 11:59pm by Winnie Hsiu

Bad things happen. Yes, it sucks, but there is literally no way that we will ever be able to rid the world of every single negative action, person, or circumstance. What we can do is something our grandma’s would always say when life would knock us down—when life gives you lemons make lemonade.

In this case those lemons are being converted in to a nice, new self storage facility.

The lemon in question is the former Encore Night Club in Virginia Beach. To call this place a lemon is a serious upgrade; it was just plain bad back in the day. The previous owner used to operate a drug ring out of the establishment until authorities caught on. He eventually turned himself in to face an 82-count indictment.

Like I said—bad.

That wasn’t all. The club itself had already been closed down earlier in the year (2009) because of too many violent incidents—over 100 nefarious deeds including shootings, drug dealing, and disorderly conduct.


If there was ever a place that would have some bad mojo surrounding it this place would be it, but the City of Virginia Beach (who had purchased the club) thought something off value could come from it; some lemonade from the former lemon. So it requested proposals from developers for something ‘attractive and compatible.’

That is where Kevin Lefcoe, president of Lefcoe Development comes in. He already owns Air Station Storage, a self storage facility next to the night club, and he submitted a proposal with the intention of building more storage space.

“It was kind of a natural progression of things,” Lefcoe said. “We knew the city was looking to do something with this parcel and eventually came to terms with them.”

When all is said and done the new facility will end up costing Lefcor around $4 million, but it is an investment that he thinks is going to pay off in due time.

“It is a very well-located spot with good demographics,” Lefcoe said of Air Station Storage. “I think we cater to all people who need storage.”

It will certainly help that the facility is located near the Oceana Naval Air Base. The base is the second largest employers in the area with over 10,000 active-duty Navy personnel, another 10,000 family members, and around 4500 civilian employees.

So when all is said and done the former den of depravity and crime (lemons) will become a productive, needed, functioning business in the community (lemonade).

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