What’s Scarier—Self Storage or a Cluttered House?

Posted on Oct 28 2013 - 11:59pm by John Stevens

People like to be scared. They like to go to movies like Friday the 13th, the Freddy Krueger series, and all sorts of other horror flicks with the hopes that something makes them scream in terror. For some folks it may not be necessary to head to the movies. There homes could be cluttered and messy enough to make a person scared of what they might find.

Strangely enough the self storage industry can help take care of both, frightening clutter and getting frightened.

Clutter can be a scary thing. As stuff begins to pile up it can be hard to maneuver around your home—and it’s not even necessary for the piles to become like those you see on television shows about hoarders! When your place is a mess you quite living in it choosing instead to do things elsewhere regardless of the inconvenience or you just deal with the difficulties that cluttered living creates.

Sometimes what you find crawling in and around your clutter can be pretty frightening too…

The problem of course is a lack of space; something the self storage industry is more than happy to provide at one of over 50,000 self storage facilities across the nation.

Folks in Toronto will be able to do both at one of their local self storage facilities, the All-Canadian Self Storage facility out on Weston Road.

Those that are in need of a little space in order to deal with the frightening mess they have at home can get just that. The company offers storage units for as little as $25.00 a month making it affordable for those interested to get the space they need.

So that’s one frightening mess down—so how do they frighten you? 

This Thursday, on Halloween, All-Canadian Self Storage will turn its buildings into a haunted self storage facility. As part of the festivities the facility will provide those that come in costume hamburgers, soft drinks, and candy of course!

Kids can also color and then enter their newly made artwork into contest to win prizes. For Mom and Dad there will also be a silent auction and a 50/50 draw.

Proceeds that the facility raises that night will go to aid the Frontlines Community Center, a place that has been striving to help local area kids for the last quarter of a century.

So those in Toronto will get the chance to take care of their frightening mess at home and get a good scare!

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