What if You Don’t Want a Whole Self Storage Unit?

Posted on May 1 2014 - 11:02pm by Holly Robinson

Have you ever craved something sweet, thought a couple M&M’s might do the trick so you opened a bag and grabbed a few? If you were at home you could stick the rest of the bag in the fridge; in public your pocket. Sometimes the rest end up going to waste. If only you could get just a few M&M’s….

Someone saw the need for a solution to the desire for a little candy with snack size poaches, but what if you just needed a little bit of self storage? If you have stuff that needs storing, but you don’t have enough to fill even the smallest self storage unit available you are out of luck.

You pretty much have to pay the price for your unit and leave the open space empty an unused.

A new form of self storage is aiming to give you another option.

Manhattan-based MakeSpace is a self storage company with a twist. Rather than force people to come to a facility that may be out of the way and difficult to deal with the self storage comes to them.

All users have to do is either call the company or use their and when you are finished you call the company back (or use the app) to schedule a time for pick up.

“I view MakeSpace as reverse Amazon,” one of the backers–Mark Suster–said in a statement. “Amazon blew up the distribution model of retail…and made it hard for local retailers to compete by having huge cost advantages. Because MakeSpace can store your stuff in a remote location, yet ship it to you at a moment’s notice, we have huge scale advantages to the archaic physical storage infrastructure.”

The company is perfect for the city that already is short on space within city limits since it takes your bins and stores them in a remote location. Getting them back requires planning ahead (the company says you will have your bins back within 48 hours of requesting them). However, if there simply isn’t any place for a self storage facility to be located it is certainly better than nothing.

Right now the company is located only in New York City, but the hope is to be able to expand to other cities soon. The company recently locked up an additional $8 million in funding.


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