What if the Nation Needed Self Storage for its Super Bowl Snacks?

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 9:17pm by Winnie Hsiu

There are certain weekends that men just love like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, their birthdays and of course Super Bowl weekend. Why? Because they are all days in which we are expected to eat to our hearts content without a worry about the calories, fat content, or carbohydrates. 

With the Super Bowl just a couple days away guys all over the country (heck, the world) are making sure they have enough beer to drink during the game, plenty of wings to snack on, avocados to make dip, tortilla chips, nacho cheese, pizza—the list of popular snack foods consumed during the Super Bowl could easily go on and on. 

Having these things is something that guys take pretty seriously. It’s the last football game of the season after all; come Monday it will be another six months before the preseason starts! With that long of a wait the last game has to be done right.

That’s why people are expected to spend $10.8 billion on beer (approximately 50 million cases)just for the three plus hour game alone on Sunday. Yes, that’s right–$10.8 billion!

Even with the possible shortage in wings there is still expected to be over 1 billion wings consumed over Super Bowl weekend. That equates to more than 100 million pounds of wings (no word on how much ranch dip or blue cheese is also consumed).

Avocado consumption (primarily in guacamole dip) has been on the rise and could break the 70 million pound mark this season. Some of the 14,500 tons of chips will be used to eat those avocados. Those interested in a different kind of yummy snack probably helped eat some of the 4000 tons of popcorn.

That’s a lot of food.

What if we needed self storage space to hold it all until Sunday?

It would definitely take more than just a few self storage facilities to just house the wings let alone the other aforementioned popular snacks. The question is how many? 

Absent a few thousand pounds of popcorn, chips, or avocados and a self storage unit to test with a rough estimate can be derived using the experiment that StorageMart conducted a couple years ago prior to Thanksgiving.

To make the long story short, the good people at StorageMart managed to put over 1500 pounds in a 5X5 storage unit. So using 1500 pounds as the benchmark you would need the following number of 5X5 self storage units:

  • 267 for the popcorn
  • 967 for the chips
  • 4.67 million for the avocados
  • 6.67 million for the wings

My math is not good enough to figure out how much Freon would be needed for each of the refrigeration units! 

Good luck Baltimore and San Francisco!

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