What Can You Learn at the Inside Self Storage World Expo?

Posted on Feb 22 2011 - 4:44pm by Tony Gonzalez

The hard part about getting into business is not in starting it. Neither is the difficult part maintaining it on a day to day basis either. What is hard about running a business, be it self storage or any other, is in learning what you need to do to make operations as easy as possible and hence as profitable as possible as well.

Once you have your business started there are a few ways you can go about getting the knowledge you need to become as profitable as you can. You could take some business classes at the local college, but then life would become all work (and not much fun). Trial and error is another way, but too many errors and you may find yourself declaring bankruptcy right about the time you finally have it all figured out.

Another option would be to simply attend industry related events like the Inside Self Storage World Expo. Held in Las Vegas from March 14-16 the annual event is focused on doing what it can to educate those in attendance.

What can I learn from the Expo though? Among some of the many things that are going to be covered that weekend are the following:

What if you have trouble getting people to pay or making much from auctions when they don’t and their stuff becomes yours? One of the presentations, ‘Meeting Monthly Income Goals: Creative Techniques for Self-Storage Collections, Sales and Auctions,’ will help you figure out some great ways to get clients that are pass due to pay as well as how to really get the most out of auctions.

As an owner, are you wondering how to get your employees to perform better without having to pay them more money? As tricky as that may sound there are ways to get that done. At the presentation titled ‘Cash Isn’t Always King: Manager Compensation and Incentives,’ you can learn how to structure bonuses and incentives as well as how to communicate with your employees better to motivate them. You will also learn how to attract the right kind of people, and more importantly, how to keep them.

Is all this stuff about social media, the internet, web pages, twitter accounts, Facebook pages and the like just a little confusing to you at times? Understanding how to use and even more so how to optimize social media outlets can make a big difference in the success (or level of success) of your self storage facility. The presentation titled Building a Powerful Online Presence: Making the Web Work for Self-Storage can help you do just that.

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