Want to Learn How to Bid at a Self Storage Auction and Have Fun at the Same Time?

Posted on Apr 24 2014 - 11:57pm by Kim Kilpatrick

As kids there is one thing that we often tend to love above and beyond everything else—video games. We would give up television time in order to play more games. Meals? Forget about it! Food would always be there, but the game as in the now. We had to play!

We loved our video games. As adults that love has continued to grow for many and sparked a whole new industry of games geared towards Mom and Dad and not so much the kids.

The various self storage related games would likely qualify as just that!

Yes, yes there really are games geared towards the self storage industry; to be more specific the auctions.

The games are much like what you would expect. Players often will get to play a character, review the unit as best he can, and then proceed to bid. In some you can even collect prizes and points so you can compete for supremacy on the leaderboard.

Storage King from GameDigits LTD is one of the newer ones on the market. It is a lot like a storage auction you could see on television. As a buyer you will have to read the personalities of the other characters in the game to help you place the winning bid.

Being able to play against your friends and compete to be on the top of the leaderboard has helped make Storage King a pretty good success.

It is not the only one of its kind though. Storage Auction is more realistic in appearance than others and allows the player to bid on units. Auction Junktion takes another approach. It’s based on the industry and uses a trading card style.  

Technology can indeed do wondrous things for us. Along with the fun and games, there are companies like Stor Track that use technology to keep track of self storage facilities in a given area. Should someone want to move in to an area and start a new business Stor Track can.

“If you make a random decision about pricing, who knows if you are leaving money on the table,” StorTrack’s general manager, John Tilly said.

We’ve had a number of subscribers who are planning to launch or develop new territories. They are looking up locations to see what pricing conditions are like in that area,” Tilly said.

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