Want to Invest in the Self Storage Industry?

Posted on Jul 27 2011 - 6:32pm by Kim Kilpatrick

A lot of people think that when it comes to investing you have to do what you know (if only it was that easy to buy into a pro sports team). So what people typically do is look for a business or industry that appears to be pretty healthy at the time. However, once they find it, they often don’t know what to do.

Take the self storage industry. Thanks the poor economic times and the ever changing employment landscape for many Americans, the self storage industry has been doing rather well. On almost any given day, there are several stories about a self storage facility or group of them being bought for millions of dollars.

Strategic Storage Trust Inc. recently bought three self storage facilities (one in California, another in Las Vegas, and the third in Virginia) for $12.2 million dollars.

“These acquisitions are perfect examples as to why we are targeting specific high-growth markets in the United States,” said H. Michael Schwartz, chairman and CEO. “These cities are strong economic markets with positive population growth potential.”

One does not need to be a part of a real estate investment trust to get in to the self storage industry. Trying to navigate the investment landscape can be confusing for a beginner. That is where the people at Self Storage Profits, Inc. come in handy. If you’re an individual that wants in on a growing, profitable industry like the self storage one, they can teach you how to get there.

Self Storage Profits, Inc. (SSP) is a self storage education and mentoring firm in Indianapolis, IN, that will teach you what you need to know about the self storage industry before investing in it. When you are ready they will help you find and purchase a self storage property.

SSP recently helped one of their students, David Manka, buy a facility in Noblesville, IN. It was an older facility that had recently under gone a significant number of changes and upgrades called Always Open Storage. It has now been renamed Steady Storage.

“It’s so exciting to see another one of our students, David Manka, become a first time self storage owner” said Scott Meyers, founder of Self Storage Profits, Inc. “The deal had its fair share of challenges, but in the end, our staff of mentors and lenders were able to close the deal for David…”

They had also recently assisted another student with purchasing a self storage facility in Danville, IL, as well.

Essentially, with the self storage industry you have a business that is making money when most are not, and you can be taught how to get in before spending a lot of money. Can there be a better investment plan than that?

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