Valet Self Storage Starting to Become Pretty Competitive

Americans need space. They just don’t want to be bothered when it comes to finding it or moving things around to create it if they don’t have to. All that takes time and in today’s busy, busy world that’s time we just don’t have. So—what if there was a self storage company that did most of the work for you?

The type of company is called valet self storage, and while there are not many of them just yet the number is starting to grow requiring them to become creative in an effort to remain competitive. However, like traditional self storage there are only so many ways that the concept can be tweaked the most common of course being rates.

Most will rent by the box, but Fetch Storage in Boston charges by the cubic foot instead; one dollar per foot with discounts given for larger orders. You can use your own boxes of course, but if you need bins you can rent them from the company for $4/month (three cubic feet).

To further differentiate themselves from the competition Fetch inventories very item coming in so that tenants can find what they want with greater ease.

“What gets me really excited about the future of storage is that there’s all this stuff sitting in thousands of storage facilities around the country, but no one’s really tracking what’s coming in and going out….” Brij Patel, co-founder of Fetch Storage said.

There are not many valet self storage services around, but the idea is starting to catch on more and more.

In San Antonio (Texas) Jaakko Piipponen runs a start-up he calls Remote Garage.

“They pay by the box,” Piipponen said. “We pick up, store their stuff securely and let them monitor it online and they can get their things back whenever they want.”

The idea is catching on in the UK as well called SpaceWays.

“We are bringing technology and added customer service to an old-fashioned industry in hopes of expanding the market,” Rob Rebholz, a SpaceWays co-founder.

In San Francisco Kristoph Mathews has started another valet self storage called Boxbee.

“Boxbee is a modern-day shipping, valet and storage service,” says Floodgate co-founding partner and Boxbee investor Ann Miura-Ko. “There’s a sort of ease-of-use to it, when it comes to pick-up and drop-offs, that makes it appealing to customers. But then there is the storage service which makes it very sticky as well.”


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