Launches a New Blog

Posted on Apr 24 2012 - 5:56pm by Winnie Hsiu

This week, is launching their latest blog site. Their original blog site had a steady and regular readership. Because of its growing popularity, decided to launch a new website that shared a whole range of information relating to home life.

The new blog is called Everything Home. It focuses on many things pertaining to home life: kids, family fun, recipes, home organizations, and crafts.

“We are very excited to launch Everything Home. Our writing team has been working hard to put together some great information that we know our customers and current readers will enjoy. The diversity of our writers will yield content that just about anybody will be able to relate to,” said Bill Hipsher, Director of Business Development for

“We’ve put a strong emphasis on creating quality work and set high publishing standards to ensure the blog is something truly useful to our loyal readers. After reading all the great articles the team has already prepared and seeing the publishing team’s vision for the blog we can’t wait to start sharing “Everything Home” with our readers.”

“We are all ready for the new site to be launched! The new look and feel for Everything Home is the perfect format for our work. It is going to be full of pictures, stories from our lives, advice and ideas for home improvement and so much more,” said Laura Gee, Editor and Contributing Writer. “I’ve been putting together stories about setting up my first home and sharing tips for moving and other things I’ve learned as a military wife. I know the other writers have stories about their kids, help for college students, and so many creative things. I’m excited to start sharing everything they’ve come up with during the last several months of preparation.”

Does your self storage website have a blog? Before you jump in and start one, there are several things you need to take into consideration.  Here are some suggestions to make a successful blog.

  • Determine your purpose. Do you want to build your brand and awareness of your brand? Are you trying to get a good ranking when people do a Google search for self storage businesses in your area? Do you want it as a way to communicate news and discounts? Knowing your purpose makes it easier to find topics to write about.
  • Determine who your audience is. Will you write articles for people who will be renting self storage units? Or will your posts be focused on topics for business owners and managers in the self storage industry?
  • Make regular posts. If your posts are months apart, you will not attract regular readers. When you do post, it would be like talking to an empty room. Nobody’s there.
  • Look and see what other self storage blogs are like. Make notes of things that you like. You might find ideas for improving your own company’s blog.

On the website The Watering Hole: Marketing Tips & Stories, Sarah Gemmell gives several reasons why blogging is important to businesses.  She states that blogging humanizes people and companies. This helps customers feel connected with whom they do business.

She also says that a blog is a great way to start conversations with customers. These conversations help you learn how to improve your business and better serve your customers.

And, last, she indicates that blogging establishes your expertise in a subject area. When your blog has many posts, customers view you as someone who knows what they are doing.

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