Call Center Now Open 24/7

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 3:52pm by Winnie Hsiu

I want to share a little story with you – and I’ll show you how it applies to the self storage industry.

I have a friend who owns a vast library of books that she lends to friends and family members. Over three years ago, she lent a book to one of her nieces. A few days ago, the niece finally returned the book.

What finally motivated the niece to return the book now? Her aunt’s place of business moved the location of its office. It is only 3 blocks from where the niece lives. When the niece learned how close the aunt’s office was, she realized how easy it was to return the book. The niece simply walked to her aunt’s office and returned the book.

What’s the application to the self storage industry? It’s this: make things REALLY easy for your customers., the largest online storage directory understands this principle. They have expanded their hours of their Call Center to meet their customers’ needs. The Call Center is now open 24/7.

Brian Bremer, Director of Operations for the Call Center, stated that, “Consumers are no longer shopping 9-5 for self storage. We see significant web and phone traffic at all times of the day so expanding our hours to help customers when they are actively searching for storage just made sense.” Extending office hours make it very easy for consumers to find a storage rental. This means consumers rent more units which in turn means more profit for the storage facility. has also done several things to make it easy for their self storage businesses that use their Call Center. These businesses that use the Call Center are not locked into using all of the services provided by the Call Center. Just like eating at a smorgasbord, customers can pick and choose which of their calls are answered by the center. This allows for better customization for each storage business.

The Call Center can answer referral calls from the listing that a storage facility has on the Internet through their site When interested consumers log onto the web site and find a storage unit they want to rent, the Center takes the call and makes the reservation.

The Center can also take calls that are not answered at the storage facility at any time of the day. This is especially helpful when the manager is away from the phone. He won’t miss any calls because the Call Center will pick them up.

The Call Center can take after-hours calls. When the on-site office closes, calls are routed to the Call Center making the on-site office virtually accessible 24/7.

Self storage business owners and managers can also use the Call Center to measure the effectiveness of their other marketing initiatives such as TV, print or radio. The Call center provides a monthly report to its members that show how each marketing effort is performing.

So, if you happen to be sitting around at 3:00 A.M. and you want to talk to somebody at the USstorage Call Center, pick up the phone and make that call. Someone will be there to answer it!

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