Using Social Media and Online Contests to Promote Self Storage Business

Posted on Nov 23 2010 - 1:23pm by John Stevens

When a storage company kicks off its website, it usually has taken a big step toward generating more revenue by using the Internet. It can increase sales even more by linking the website to partner sites and blogs. Storage facility owners and managers are also discovering that participating in social sites like Facebook and Twitter can create a buzz for their business. And now special promotions, some that involve online video contests are popping up.

Throughout history business owners have come up with enticing sales, promotions, and even contests to generate more business. The dawn of the social sites on the Web has been an effective way to network in cyberspace, joining together with other sites or interacting with customers or potential customers. Other sites such as LinkedIn,, StumbleUpon, Diigg, Reddit, Yahoo! Buzz, Newsvine, Technorati, Windows Live, and Google are stepping up in prominence as well.

Holding contests associated with the Internet has also been an exciting and effective way to gain attention for a business. Video contests seem to be the choice of self storage companies lately, often teaming up with a social site. Earlier this year a Manhattan mini storage facility held a video contest in which contestants competed to show they had the most chaotic, cluttered, disorganized, unruly apartment of all. To enter they had to make a two minute long video on why they need help and then upload it to The Manhattan MiniStorage Facebook Fan Page. The prize was one full year of free storage, free storage supplies, the help of a personal organizer, and a free move into your new storage room.

Joining once again video and Facebook, is LifeStorage based in Chicago with 16 locations. On Monday the company announced their new promotion for contestants to shoot a 2-minute video showing why they need storage and upload it to LifeStorage Facebook or send a link of the video to now through December 21, 2010.  The winner will receive a rent-free storage unit.

It is a testament to their high-tech ingenuity that self storage owners and operators are using and connecting with sites that will get them talked about and spread their name. Word-of-mouth doesn’t refer to small talk in front of the local grocery store anymore. It’s about spreading a business’s name through sites where cyberfriends talk and make recommendations. And it’s about making connections to other sites that can bring in business, such as moving companies or personal organizers. The landscape for advertising and holding promotions has changed, but there’s an endless supply of people in the cyber world community waiting to hear about that quality storage business or new promotion contest.

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