Use This Monkey to Take Another Monkey Off Your Back

Posted on Aug 3 2012 - 4:07pm by Tony Gonzalez

If you have been in business very long, you know that it is cheaper and easier to keep a current customer than to get a new one. Customer satisfaction is a ‘monkey on your back’ and should be one that self storage owners keep front and center all the time.

Sometimes, before you can improve customer satisfaction, you need to know what they think. You need to know how they feel about your service and about your facilities. One way to get that information is to simply ask them when you see them.

Research on student satisfaction in university courses shows that satisfaction goes up if the professor takes a survey half way through the course. Satisfaction increases further when the professor shares with the students the information he got from the survey. It increases even further when he implements some of the suggested changes.

This principle applies to the self storage facility. Customers like it when self storage business owners ask their opinion. They like it even more when the owner makes changes that the customer suggested. So, how is an owner to find out what a customer thinks?

The owner could simply ask customers when she sees them. It’s the easiest and most simple way. However, some people may hesitate to say what they really think when talking face-to-face with the owner or manager. If they have had a negative experience or are unhappy with something, some people don’t like confrontations and so would avoid telling how they really feel.

One way to get the customer service monkey off your back is to use SurveyMonkey – an online site that allows you to create basic surveys for free. If you want, there are templates that you can use so you don’t have to create your own questions. Or, there are 15 question types including multiple choice, rating scales, text boxes, and comment field that you can use to create your own survey.

After creating a survey, you get a link that you can send through e-mail to your customers or put on your Facebook page or company blog. Once your survey is completed, you can go online to see the results.  You can even generate reports. You can create professional-looking charts that you can use in your business meetings when you discuss the survey results. You can even save the information to a spreadsheet, a PDF file, or HTML.

After analyzing the results of your survey, you can identify things that you can do to improve your customer service. When you’ve made the changes, you can survey your customers once more to find out their response to the changes.

So, instead of having the how-to-improve-customer-satisfaction monkey on your back, use SurveyMonkey. It’s a simple way to find out how you can improve your service to your customers.

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