Unique Find in Abandoned Self Storage Unit

Posted on Jun 21 2013 - 8:03pm by Tony Gonzalez

You can find many interesting things in abandoned self storage units. Of course you find the usual things – washers, dryers, furniture, knick-knacks, old comic books. Sometimes, things of value are found: antique toys, pocket watches, handmade quilts, antique hand mirrors and brushes, silverware, and china.

Two years ago, a full dress uniform of a grand master of the Independent order of Odd Fellows (with an embroidered sash and an elaborate plumed hat) was found. There was also a large collection of ribbons, badges, and medals from the Grand Army of the Republic, which was a fraternal organization of Union vets of the Civil war.

Back in January of 2012, a grandmother’s remains were discovered in a blue casket in a storage unit. The mother, who was on her deathbed, told her daughter about grandma’s remains. Thank goodness, Grandma had been properly embalmed.

Yesterday, Jarrod and Brandi from the Storage Wars reality television show found something exceedingly unique in a storage unit. Something that could be sold for as much as $5,000! That item was a urinal.

Mind you, this is not a typical, white porcelain urinal. Oh, no. Designed by a female designer at a company in The Netherlands, this urinal is in the shape of an open woman’s mouth with bright red lips. At one point, this urinal was used in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

The Dutch designer said that the urinal was not supposed to be ‘sexualized.’ She said that there were worse things in the world to get worked up about than a cartoonish looking mouth.

The feminists in Australia had different feelings. They felt like the restaurant that had installed the urinals was perpetuating misogyny. One Australian feminist referred to the urinals as “schoolboy grubbiness.”  Because of all of the complaints, the restaurant management removed the urinals.

New York’s chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) didn’t hold the same view as the urinal’s designer. The chapter president said that she feels that there is something wrong with someone who thinks that going to the bathroom symbolically into the mouth of a woman is quirky and fun. She thinks that is displays a horrendous lack of social consciousness.

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