UK Self Storage Facility Encourages College Students to Recycle

Posted on Aug 30 2010 - 12:56pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Cardiff Self Storage, a storage facility located in the United Kingdom, has decided to participate in a campaign to encourage local college students to recycle unwanted items. The recycling campaign, called Get It Out for Cardiff, will donate clothing to the Salvation Army, and nonperishable food items to Fare Share. The campaign will also benefit the British Heart Foundation and Raise and Give. So far the campaign has been a phenomenal success, raising several tons of materials to donate to local charities.

Get It Out for Cardiff (GIOFC) is part of the Keep Cardiff Tidy initiative. So far local college students have donated three tons of clothing to the Salvation Army and one ton of food to Fare Share. In addition, students donated 244 electrical items, of which 152 were fit to be resold, and half a ton of bric-a-brac. “Everyone involved should be immensely proud,” Student Liaison Officer Kieran McCann said in last week’s Guardian.

Cardiff Self Storage has been storing recyclable, reusable, and resalable items until they can be moved to the appropriate charity or resold.

The resalable items will be sold at a fete at the Cardiff Students’ Union on Sept. 29. The fete/sale will include electrical appliances, kitchen items, bric-a-brac, and more. But the GIOFC campaign will not end with the fete on Sept. 29 — it will continue throughout the year, using proceeds from the sale to help pay for any continuing administrative costs of the campaign.

To make the campaign work, organizers set up collection points at each of Cardiff University’s 21 dorms. “Green zones” were also set up all over Cardiff.

Commenting on Cardiff Self Storage’s contribution to the GIOFC campaign, Managing Director Tim Goodson told the Guardian, “It is great to see that our storage units have provided the flexible short-term storage solution for the items that have been successfully collected and recycled.”

The original Keep Cardiff Tidy campaign was initiated a year ago, and began with a campaign (“Take Pride, Litter Costs”) to encourage people to throw litter into garbage receptacles or to take it home. The campaign was a partner to the related Keep Wales Tidy campaign.

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