UK Self Storage Company Helps Create Storage for Hospice

Posted on Jun 28 2012 - 9:36pm by John Stevens

People often times have a hard time figuring out what their purpose in life is going to be. Some folks are lucky enough to know it from an early age. Others have to try on many different hats before they are finally able to figure it out. For the business world it is a much simpler task—or so you might think.

For a business like the self storage industry the purpose is pretty simple; provide people with the space they need in order to store what they no longer have room for at home or work (although that purpose is becoming more diverse as some are specializing in records storage, wine, and other things).

If that is the case, then why is Big Yellow Self Storage, one of the largest self storage providers in the UK, building a storage facility for someone?

The answer is simple. They are trying to take care of their community. That someone is Farleigh Hospice. If you’ve never dealt with hospice before count yourself lucky. They help take care of people that have life limiting illnesses that can no longer take care of themselves and whose families are hard pressed to do it themselves. If you are familiar with hospice care than you know just how valuable it can be.

Recently the store managers for the Big Yellow Self Storage facility in Romford spent time with the good people at Farleigh Hospice helping the facility’s maintenance team prepare to build a much needed storage shed. By time they left they had the frame of the shed completed.

It is nothing new for members of the self storage industry to donate storage in their facility to worthy organizations like Farleigh Hospice. In this case, the people at Big Yellow Self Storage are not giving Farleigh Hospice a temporary solution to their storage needs, but a permanent one by helping them construct their own storage.

A number of other self storage facilities have made it a practice to help out hospice facilities in their area. For example, U-Lock Mini Storage in Vancouver, British Columbia, have donated space to the Nanaimo Community Hospice Society. It’s been used to help store donated items that the Society sells at its thrift store. Funds raised at the store help fund programs that the Society runs.

“After 30 years of providing care in our community “the generosity of people in our community just continues to delight and amaze us,” said Wendy Pratt, Hospice executive director. “We are very grateful.”

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