Trying Giving Dad a Little Space—Self Storage Space–for Father’s Day

Posted on Jun 15 2013 - 12:22am by Winnie Hsiu

He is the guy that protects you from what goes bump in the night, dresses up for high tea with your dolls, and takes you to your first football game. He teaches you how to throw a baseball, attends every dance recital, and knows all the words to the Mickey Mouse theme song. He is the man of the house and we celebrate him on a day set aside just for him once a year.

I’m talking about dear ole’ Dad and Father’s Day of course.

On Father’s Day it is customary to do a couple different things: give him a gift and do something just for him. If you are having a hard time figuring out what to get him or what to do look no further than your local self storage facility!

What? Self storage for Father’s Day? Think what you will, but if you give it some thought you will realize it is perfect.

Many of the things that Dad wants to do around the house require space. Whether you’re talking about creating a man cave, organizing an office space, or just de-cluttering the house (to give him piece of mind) the one thing that is needed is space.

What do you know—that is exactly what a self storage facility provides!

So that takes care of what to give him, but what about something to do on the day that is uniquely Dad? If you happen to live near the LifeStorage facility in Libertyville, Illinois, you should consider taking him by the facility so he can enjoy two of his favorite things—coffee and cars.

The Chicagoland Mopar Club SRT Tour Car Cruise will be at the facility on Sunday, June 16, from 8 am- 10 am. For a couple hours (or however long he wants to spend there) Dad can check out some of the finest performance automobiles in existence like the Challenger SRT, Charger SRT, 300 SRT and Grand Cherokee SRT. The facility is also encouraging anyone with a muscle car or hot rod—no matter the make, model, or year—to come by Sunday morning as well.

As part of the event a local auto dealership down the street from the self storage facility will have free coffee and donuts on hand.

So when you are trying to think of what to get dear ole Dad for Father’s Day don’t forget to check out your local self storage facility. Not only can you get him the space he needs, but you never know what sort of Dad-friendly event they might be hosting!

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