Trouble Comes in 3’s – Arrests Made in Storage Facility Break-Ins

Posted on Oct 29 2009 - 8:31am by Kim Kilpatrick

In the land of all-things Wal-Mart, justice is served.

Rogers is a suburban city in Benton County, in northwest Arkansas. Rogers was the location of the first Wal-Mart store, whose corporate headquarters is located in neighboring Bentonville, Arkansas.

Yesterday, October 28, a Bentonville man was served a warrant by Rogers Police for 63 counts of breaking or entering. And, in the course of the investigation into the burglarizing of A to Z Self Storage facilities, police subsequently arrested 2 more people wanted for additional unrelated break-ins, according to Corporal Angel Murphy-Pearce.

As reported on October 29 by, 2 A to Z locations at 2707 W. Olive St. and 2851 Honeysuckle Lane reported multiple several burglaries during the months of September and October. The perpetrators damaged drywall while breaking in, and stole a variety of things including jewelry, electronics, tools, knives and camping equipment, and, to date, the police have yet to locate the majority of the stolen property.

Corporal Murphy-Pearce stated that during the case investigation, they police had several interviews with Jimmy Coles, 35, and served him with an arrest warrant on at the Benton County Jail. (Coles has been in detention since October 19, 2009, as the result of a previous parole violation.)

While investigating the robbery at the Olive Street location this past Friday (October 23), Murphy-Pearce said the police discovered 2 people in another storage unit that was not leaded to them. The man and woman claimed an unidentified man was responsible for the break-in.

Nonetheless, police arrested Brian Kennedy, 29, and Amanda Kennedy, 30, both of Bentonville, in connection with felony breaking or entering, and for filing a false police report.

In lieu if the required $5,000 bond, Mr. Kennedy remained in jail, while Amanda Kennedy was released Saturday following her $3,000 bond posting.