Tips on Hiring an Office Manager

Posted on Oct 26 2011 - 10:22am by Tony Gonzalez

Having a good office manager can either make or break your self storage business. It is crucial during the initial interviewing process that you ask questions that will help you determine if the job applicant will be a good match for you and your business.

The owner of Fort Knox Self Storage in Utah was lucky to find a great manager. One of the key qualities was the person’s willingness to take the initiative to make changes and improve things in areas where she saw a need.  She came up with some ideas on ways that the company’s website could be improved. She explained her ideas to the owner. He was impressed and gave her permission to make the changes.

So how do you find a manager that has the willingness to take the initiative to make improvements? You develop questions and scenarios for them to respond to during the interviewing process. Here are a few questions that you could include in your job interviewing process.

1.  Suppose that you are able to take care of the daily routine tasks fairly early in the day.  This would leave you several hours where you didn’t have specific tasks that you were required to do. What could you do to fill that time that would add value to the business?

2. What are some ideas that you have that could help advertise and promote the business to the community?

3. What are some ideas that you have for improving customer service?

4. If potential clients come in who have  have small children, what are some things that the business could do to keep the children happy and occupied so that they don’t damaage displays or moving supplies that are on display for sale?

5. What would be some marketing ideas to reach out to empty nesters? College students? Young families?

6. What are some community service projects that would benefit the community while boosting visibility for the self storage business?

7.  Explain a situation where you have had to deal with an unhappy customer and how you handled the situation.

8. What strengths would your previous boss say that you had? What might he say one of your weaknesses would be?

9. Do you know about Twitter, Facebook, and blogging? How do you feel about using social media to promote the company?

10. What makes you stand out from the other job applicants? Why should we hire you over the other people in the position? What strengths do you bring with you?

11. What questions do you have about the job?

Be sure to ask open ended questions. You will get a better idea for how the person thinks about various aspects of the job. You will get a better insight into her personality and her ability to handle stressful situations. The more of a ‘discussion’ you can have with someone, the better you will be able to determine if that person will be a good worker and a good manager of your business.