Three Ways to Give Great Customer Service

Posted on Mar 26 2013 - 6:41pm by Holly Robinson

Customer service. It can make or break a company. Take for instance one man’s experience with Morton’s Steakhouse in Newark, New Jersey.

The man was on the last leg of a long day of traveling, which happened to be during dinnertime. He knew that he would be famished when the plane landed at the airport. Before boarding, he took a moment to post a Tweet asking if someone from Morton’s Steakhouse would meet him at the airport with a porterhouse steak.

When he landed, a gentleman wearing a tuxedo and holding a bag with a 24 oz. porterhouse steak, shrimp, potatoes, bread, napkins, and silverware met him at the airport.

Talk about customer service!

Just think. Someone had to see the Tweet, get the suggestion approved, have the meal cooked, and then have someone drive 23.5 miles to deliver the food. Oh, and somebody had to figure out the flight information and figure out where to meet him.

How can you provide this type of outstanding customer service to your self storage customers? Here are three suggestions of how your employees can give great service to your customers.

1. Anticipate your customers’ needs. One self storage business realized that many of their customers used the subway and train system to get to their self storage facility. However, their customers had to rent a taxi to get  to and from the subway/train station. So, the self storage company now gives free rides for their customers to and from the stations.

2. Use the power of “Yes” whenever possible. Customers get discouraged when they ask questions and the answer is always no. Look for ways to fill a customer’s request (assuming it’s reasonable). “Can I leave my car parked here overnight while I finish packing tonight? I’ll get it tomorrow when I bring my last load.” Yes! Or “My unit is all cleaned out except for the washer and dryer. I’m giving them to my son. He can’t come to pick them up until half an hour after your closing time. Could you stay open until he comes to get them?” Yes!

3. Give more than your customers expect. Think of ways that make you stand out from your competition. What can you give them that they can’t get from another storage facility?  What can you give customers that is totally unexpected? In unusual circumstances, can you let them have a moving truck and dolly for a longer time than you normally allow? Can you give a customer free boxes, or a lock, or plastic bags to store mattresses in?

When you follow these three suggestions, you can provide customer service that will be just as greatly appreciated as was that porterhouse steak for the weary traveler.

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