Three Things Self Storage Managers Should Say More Often

Posted on Dec 24 2013 - 8:58pm by Holly Robinson

With the coming of the New Year in a few days, many people focus on making resolutions that will improve their lives and make them better people. When it comes to managers and owners of self storage facilities, here are suggestions of some simple resolutions that you could make. You could make the resolution to say the following three things more often.

I appreciate your business — or thank you for doing business with us. Somewhere along the line, people have come to believe that telling customers to have a nice day is good customer service. That belief is wrong. That saying has become over-used and meaningless — especially when the person saying it says it in a bored tone of voice. When money is tight and people choose to spend their money at your place of business, business owners should be very appreciative to have their customer’s business. So, self storage owners and managers should (in a very heartfelt tone) express appreciation to their customer for doing business with them. They should also train their employees to say the same thing.

How else can I serve/help you? Business owners can sit in their office stewing and fretting about what new types of services they should add to their self storage business. One of the best — and quickest ways — to find out is to simply ask your customers. Ask what more you could do to help them. Ask them what their needs are. Ask them if there was anything that would make their renting, moving into a rental unit, or moving out of a unit easier and quicker. You’ll get to see through their eyes how your customers view your self storage business.

Thank you. The first two suggestions focused on customers. Here’s a suggestion that focuses on employees. Business owners should make sure that they say a heartfelt thank you to their employees on a regular basis. Studies have indicated that many times a feeling of being appreciated means more than getting a bonus in a paycheck. When employees know that their employers are truly thankful and appreciative of the work that they do, employees’ job satisfaction soar. Studies also indicate that one of the main reasons that employees quit their job is because of their supervisor. Be the type of employer that people want to work for. Make sure that you thank your employees — and thank them often.

These three resolutions do not cost a single penny. They do not take a lot of time. Yet, if you do these on a regular basis, you will get satisfied customers and loyal employees. Those are two of the best things that a self storage owner can have!