There’s a Story Behind Your Local Self Storage Facility

Posted on Dec 4 2013 - 11:46pm by Winnie Hsiu

If you have ever known (or been) the kind of person that has never or rarely moved than you understand what it is like for many things to have a story behind them. When you stay in the same relative area for a long time many things are bound to have a story behind them whether it’s a picture from a party or a memento from a vacation. 

The same can be true for many members of your local self storage industry. Not just because they are a business that has been around for ‘X’ number of years, but because of what self storage units essentially do—hold on to memories.

In recent years there have been countless stories on the internet about things found in self storage units: rare comic books, gold bars, the canoe Burt Reynolds used in Deliverance, World War I memorabilia, a classic car in mint condition just in pieces—the list can go on and on.

Those stories have inspired things like the off-Broadway play Locker 4173B, a tale of two friends that buy a self storage unit at auction and discover a whole new world inside.

“It took us over six months to catalogue all 1500+ items,” shares co-creator Christopher Borg. “Many weekends with a small group of volunteers around a table full of laptops and boxes and bags of ‘stuff,’… But taken together, and looked at from afar, it paints the picture of a life, and a life examined is a life worthwhile.”

The story can be in the actual facility itself as well. Converting existing buildings into self storage facilities has become common in recent years and often gives life to all sorts of stories about where your memories are being stored. 

For example, in Watertown, New York, a proposal to change a skating rink into a self storage facility has been approved by the county planning board. After it gets approved by the city in due time there will be storage facilities where countless kids have skated and played. 

Bell Tower Mini Storage in Haledon, New Jersey, is another example. Back in 1894 it housed the Kossuth Street School. Every day a bell on top of the structure would ring in order to call students to class. Almost a century later it was converted into a self storage facility—Bell Tower Mini Storage.  Just last month it sold for $750,000.

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