There is Power in Numbers in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Dec 9 2013 - 11:43pm by Holly Robinson

Have you ever been in class and had to a group project? Did you end up being the one that did all the work or was your group the one where everyone actually worked together and the task at hand was accomplished with better precision and in less time? That’s because there is a power that comes with acting in numbers.

For example, the best football players become just good ones when faced with having to play the game by themselves. However, when they work together with the rest of the group they tend to make the combined effort much better than the individual one could ever hope to be.

The same concept works in the self storage industry as well. For example, many companies have been busy in recent years buying up other facilities. As members of a larger group each individual self storage facility benefits from the economies of scale.

Smaller companies and individual self storage facilities see the benefit of binding together so that they too can benefit from being a part of something bigger. A great example of that comes in the form of a website,

The idea behind it is to give the member facilities the benefits that go with being a part of self storage aggregator; a site that essentially acts as an online yellow pages for the self storage industry. Recently the ownership group added some additional members to the ownership family like the Pegasus Group, aka Central Self Storage.

Go Local Interactive CEO John Jordan, a founding partner of FLS, stated, “From a marketing perspective, this is an exciting and pivotal time for the storage industry. From top to bottom, the ownership group that has been assembled for FLS is quite impressive, and Pegasus is no exception. I am personally thankful to have an opportunity to partner and collaborate on this initiative with so many terrific companies. We are very excited to add Pegasus to the group.”

For something like an aggregator site to be more affective it needs members so that it can cover a wider area, and serve more customers hence the addition of Morningstar Mini-Storage and the  facilities under its umbrella.

SecurCare Self-Storage COO David Cramer, a founding partner of FLS, stated, “Morningstar has been an unquestioned market leader for years, and having their insight and feedback in our ownership group is invaluable. We continue to be excited by the collective brain trust we are building at FLS.”

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