There is Nothing Wrong with Getting a Little Help in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 8:41pm by Holly Robinson

When you open a business be it self storage or otherwise that business becomes your baby. You spend an incredible amount of time just getting the doors open not to mention working through the tough times as your business grows and begins to gather a reputation and clientele. However, when it comes down to it you just want to make money, right?

Even if the self storage business is your passion there is one thing that you want to do sooner rather than later—make money. As much as we may hate to admit it, sometimes we need help. Whether it is day to day management, marketing, accounting, or a host of other things running a self storage facility can be challenging so why not get a leg up?

A number of third-party management services exist where the company will come in and basically take over the day-day operations of the business so that the owner is able to focus on other pursuits instead. Sometimes management is the sole function of these entities, but there are some larger self storage companies that also work in third party management as well.

However, in this economy, even though the self storage industry has been one that has done well throughout the recent poor economic times there are still some self storage facilities that do not want to spend the money on hiring someone else to run their facility(s). They recognize that they need help thought when it comes to running their facility.

That is where self storage management software has come in hand. What they can do is help in the day to day running of the facility, accounting, track payments, when tenants move in and out, and a whole host of other activities useful in the day to day operations of a self storage facility.

One of the leading software management programs is SiteLink. Last year four of the five Facility of the Year Award winners utilized SiteLink in their day to day operations.

“The new SiteLink CRM 2.0 module adds CRM and inquiry tracking functionality,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Operating Officer. “We were able to take marketing to the next level and deliver more value by adding and expanding integrations with partners like listing services, email features and mail outsourcing companies.”

So whether it is through another person or top of the line software there is help available for self storage facility managers and owners everywhere!

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